Cyclazodone is a nootropic formulated in the 1960s by the American Cyanamid Company. The benefits of using this nootropic are as follows:

  1. Provides cognitive and physical stimulation
  2. Increases mental alertness and focus
  3. Increases energy
  4. Decreases drowsiness
  5. Positive improvement on an individual’s mood
  6. Increased sociability
  7. Promotes a euphoric feeling
  8. An increased relief from pain
  9. A reduction of symptoms of anxiety
  10. Increased confidence and self-esteem
  11. Increased libido
  12. Enhanced clarity of thought 

It is however important to know that the aforementioned potential benefits do not have any scientific evidence backing the claim.

However one of the major things it is purported to do is to improve mental focus and alertness and in this post we will discuss 7 useful tips for improving mental focus.

Eliminate distractions: Distractions are diversions that keep us from concentrating on the matter at hand. It is however common for people to underestimate how distractions are making us unproductive by constantly breaking our attention through various means.

Examples of distractions are notifications from your Instagram while you are trying to complete an assignment, the music player that keeps playing song in the background or perhaps a friend or colleague who constantly drops by or seeks your audience to chat.

While it may be easy to completely eliminate distractions like social media pop ups or the music player by turning off the device, it may be tricky to deal with an obnoxious friend.

Setting aside your “me time’’ in a calm location where you can work in peace is a great way to control the situation.

Have a to-do list: creating your to-do list comes in handy when you are trying to keep your concentration. Jotting things down has proven to be an efficient way of keeping your day organized as compared to having it all in your head.

Take a breather: Take a break in between jobs. Concentrating on a particular task for too long will make you wary and inadvertently cause your productivity to suffer.

So in between your lined up tasks, create time for short breaks. Researchers have found that even taking very brief breaks by shifting your attention elsewhere can dramatically improve mental focus.

Be mindful: Findings reveal that some researchers theorize that mindfulness meditation promotes metacognitive awareness, decreases rumination via disengagement from perseverative cognitive activities and enhances attentional capacities through gains in working memory.

In conclusion.

While it remains uncertain whether cyclazodone is safe or unsafe for human use due to no scientific evidence to prove its claim. It is advised that you engage in the use of these helpful tips to improve your mental focus.

Nonetheless the availability of insufficient scientific evidence, it is generally understood that most adverse reactions from the use of cyclazodone happen when people take a higher dosage, while lower dosing seems to be relatively safe.

The side effects of cyclazodone include  teeth grinding, muscle cramps, a change in appetite, nausea, increased anxiety, headache, and irritability amongst many others.