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The new generation of plastic laser marking systems is creating strong demand for printing solutions in many industries Kunststoff Lasermarkieren. With the extreme evolution of technology, the invention of the latest machines and technologies, many industries have used a wide range of applications for identification printing on metal surfaces and joining two different metal parts. Previously, it was difficult to cut heavy metals into smaller parts, combine the metal parts into a single foam, and print on the metal surface.

With the evolution of technologies like laser welding, marking has become easier to work with. The laser beam is transparent enough to print on harder surfaces. Laser beam marking applications are a new technology used in almost every industry. Many types of modern machines for these applications are found today for printing on metal surfaces and joining metal parts. Laser marking is a widely used method in the identification process in all manufacturing industries. This marking method makes it easy to create markings or identification signs on both soft and hard metal surfaces.

Laser imprinting has a wide range of applications in all fields such as industry and manufacturing. The imprinting system works on the basis of laser technology, and the laser beam makes it very easy to mark and design all surfaces. For example, plastic decoration is done using laser beam technology. Equivalent systems have many limitations in speed and accuracy, so it is said that there is a more sophisticated and accurate method design. Marking and design speed and accuracy are the advantages of marking using laser technology. For this reason, the laser marking system is considered to be the most widely used compact marking technology. Laser printing systems can be fast and accurate printing machines used in all industries capable of marking and designing plastics, metals, wood, carbide and more. Ideal for marking solutions for metals such as silver, gold and platinum. The marking machine is a laser marking machine.

Laser beam marking is a convenient method of marking using laser technology and is the flagship for marking and design purposes in all engineering and manufacturing industries. Many manufacturers want to create information about their brand name or the manufacturer’s specific product. Laser beam marking on printed circuit boards is a highly competitive process, and many industries require special markings or product serial numbers to be printed on circuit boards, chips, etc. for traceability.

Many new models of laser engraving and marking machines from well-known brand manufacturers offering a wide range of engraving applications will soon be available. One of the things to keep in mind when marking with a laser marking machine is that the laser beam can cause many problems for human eyes and health, so take safety measures to avoid causing problems. is.