A share market, a venue for issuing and trading shares, has grown in popularity as an investment tool. Since the onset of the digital era, almost everyone has engaged in the share market and tried to generate profits. Even if investing in shares might be profitable, this is only true if you know financial procedures. Purchasing and selling stocks is a simple process. You can buy shares in a firm as long as it is listed on the stock exchange. Today, there are some innovative ways to in the stock market. Let’s look at some of them.

Robo Investing

As you might know, you need a demat account to start investing. Robo investing can be viewed as a balance between making your own investment decisions and working with a financial advisor. Robo investment advisors (RIAs) employ algorithms to select and reevaluate the mix of funds you invest in based on your tolerance for risk.  Because robo-investing requires less human intervention than consulting a financial advisor, it may be less expensive, even though platform and fund fees still need to be paid.

Algo Trading 

The process of executing orders using automated, pre-programmed trading instructions that consider time, price, and volume is known as algorithmic trading. This trading maximises computers’ speed and computational power compared to human traders. 

Online Trading

Online trading is electronic trading carried out using a computer and the internet.

The customer can look up stocks on various exchanges, select the broker that provides the best deal, and easily trade. You can choose a trading platform and execute different orders for trading shares.

A user’s order is recorded in the databases of the trading member platform and the exchange platform when he submits an order to purchase a particular stock online.

Both sides will have validated the process if the price meets the user’s needs and he confirms the order. Many traders and investors are drawn to online platforms because they offer a much more affordable experience.

How can You Trade Online

Let’s now understand how you can start trading online.

Step 1: Contact a stock exchange member or broker registered with SEBI.

You will require both a trading account and a demat to purchase and sell shares. You must contact a broker or sub-broker registered with SEBI to do this. To confirm their legitimacy, the regulator provides them with a registration number that starts with the letters “INB” (broker), or “INS” (sub-broker).

An official broker’s website often has their registration number; you may double-check it by visiting SEBI’s website. After deciding on your favourite broker, you can open trading and demat accounts online or by going to one of the bank’s demat service locations. 

Step 2: Open a demat account

You can set up a demat account with the assistance of the broker with whom you sign a “Client Agreement” to execute transactions on your behalf. A demat account stores your shares, or securities, in a dematerialised or electronic form. 

The transactions get reflected in the demat account when you buy and sell securities. A demat account is opened in the name of an investor to hold transferring claims. One can hold all types of securities in demat accounts. Some of you might be familiar what is options trading. You can also hold such derivatives in your demat account.

Step 3: Open a trading account

Your trading account serves as a link between your bank account and demat. Opening a demat account and creating a trading account happen at the same time, and the same papers that were previously supplied are used for the KYC. After opening a trading account, you may purchase and sell stocks.

Step 4: Determine the amount you wish to invest.

Each of us will have a different amount to invest, but in general, you should only be willing to risk losing as much as you are ready to lose. Diversifying your investments among many companies, shares, and funds can lower risk and help you create a more diversified portfolio.

Step 5: Deposit funds into your account.

Following the directions to deposit money into the account once you’ve opened it. This only indicates that you have the money in a holding account on your investing platform as cash available for investments; it does not imply that you have invested it. Using the investing platform, buy the stocks or money you want.


There are several modern and effective ways to invest in the stock market. The most popular are online trading through web and app-based platforms, robo investing, and algo trading. Many brokerage houses now offer services to invest online using innovative modern methods. You can select a reliable financial partner and start trading. You may access top-notch stock analysis with the best trading app in India from Kotak Securities. The reputed firm also offers tailored portfolio analysis in addition to the top trading platforms in the market.