In today’s digital age, technology aims to simplify tasks. One such innovation is Myflexbot. Tailored for Amazon Flex drivers, Myflexbot is an auto-grabber app that claims to be both customizable and secure. It’s designed to enhance the batch grabbing process, eliminating the need for manual scouring of offers on Amazon Flex.

Key Details :

Type of SoftwareAuto-Grabber App for Amazon Flex
Core FunctionAutomated batch grabbing
Additional FeaturesRoute optimization, Earnings tracking
Safety ConcernsProhibited by Amazon Flex TOS, Data Risk
Cost After TrialApproximately $50/month

How Does It Help?

At its core, Myflexbot functions as a gig-hunting instrument. By leveraging advanced algorithms, the tool can quickly identify and fetch batches that meet a driver’s prerequisites. Instead of slogging through countless Amazon Flex posts, drivers can swiftly pinpoint batches suitable for application. In addition, the software’s auxiliary tools, like sophisticated filters, allow drivers more granularity in their search.

How Does It Function?

For an Amazon Flex driver, time is money. Myflexbot, by perpetually scanning the Amazon Flex app, alerts drivers about fresh batches, saving them the chore of manual checks. Sadly, it’s unavailable on mainstream app stores like Apple Store and Google Play. But its utilization is straightforward: sign up, customize notifications, and start receiving batch alerts tailored to your preferences.

What Additional Features Does It Offer?

Beyond the fundamental batch grabbing, Myflexbot boasts a suite of complementary features. Route optimization and earnings tracking are two standout tools that can considerably uplift a driver’s efficiency. Additionally, its search engine, complete with filtering options, ensures drivers find their desired job without being swamped with unrelated offers.

Is Using Myflexbot Safe?

Here’s the crux of the matter. While Myflexbot promises convenience, potential risks loom. Amazon Flex’s Terms of Service expressly forbids Block Grabber usage. Deploying Myflexbot could spell account deactivation for drivers. Moreover, the app’s requirement for users’ login credentials elevates security concerns. There’s an inherent risk of data compromise. Weighing the pros and cons becomes imperative for drivers contemplating Myflexbot’s adoption.

How Much is the Price Tag?

After an initial 15-day free trial (subject to variation based on location), users are looking at an approximate monthly outlay of $50. This encompasses an array of features like unlimited bots, job automation tools, and dedicated customer support.

How to Seek Myflexbot’s Customer Service?

Myflexbot’s support can be accessed via email. For general queries, reach out to support-[email protected]. For more intricate concerns surrounding contracts or the Terms of Service, direct your emails to [email protected]. Unfortunately, a comprehensive Help Centre is conspicuously absent, which might leave users fending for themselves in some scenarios.


Myflexbot positions itself as a revolutionary tool for Amazon Flex Blocks, promising rapid batch additions to your basket. But with rewards come inherent risks. Before diving in, Amazon Flex workers should meticulously evaluate the tool’s advantages against potential pitfalls.

Quick Q&A:

  • What’s Myflexbot’s core function?
  • Automated batch grabbing for Amazon Flex.
  • Is the software available on Apple or Google stores?
  • No, it’s unavailable on both.
  • Does Amazon Flex allow such tools?
  • No, it violates Amazon Flex’s Terms of Service.
  • What’s the cost after the free trial?
  • Roughly $50 per month.
  • How can you contact Myflexbot’s support?
  • Via their provided email addresses.