Prepare for ECAT

Every year, students strive to score high in ECAT to get admission to Engineering Colleges. UET is an engineering institute to one while it is GIKI for others. ECAT is a competitive test that’s why students should prepare for ECAT and takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and focus. Just like MDCAT and NET, ECAT is an MCQ-based test.  

In unprecedented times, everything is unpredictable. Students working to get into decent engineering colleges had to wait again for admission due to COVID-19. Let us talk about what has been happening in ECAT.  

Will ECAT 2021 be postponed? 

Earlier, UET postponed ECAT 2021 which was scheduled to be held in May. However, recently, they opened the registrations.  

It is race against time now.  

The last date for registration of ECAT 2021 is 27 June 2021. So, hurry up and get yourself registered today! 

The test dates for ECAT 2021 are from 05 to 08 July 2021

ECAT 2021 Pattern 

The MCQs of ECAT are divided into following subjects: 

  • Mathematics (30 MCQs) 
  • Physics (30 MCQs) 
  • Chemistry OR Computer Science OR Statistics (30 MCQs)  
  • English (10 MCQs) 

What are the preparation strategies for ECAT? 

Adopt a methodical approach when preparing for ECAT 2021. Following are some of the strategies that will help you in preparation till the test date is announced.  

  • Start Preparation in FSC 

It is a smart strategy to start your preparation while you are in FSC. There is huge overlap of syllabus between ECAT and FSC. Several concepts, formulas, diagrams in ECAT 2021 are extracted from FSC syllabus. Use your pace to prepare for FSC and ECAT simultaneously. This will help to keep your concepts strong till you give ECAT. Cramming will never work so prepare smartly and conceptually.  

  • Set your goals 

Success is hard work, learning, studying, and loving what you do. Believe in yourself and anything is possible. When preparing for ECAT 2021, dedication is required. You need to set your target of enrolling in dream engineering college and give your 101% for it. Set your eyes on the engineering college you and your parents wish to see you in.  

  • Put down the words on Paper. 

Whatever you memorize, put all down onto the paper. As a result, it is restored in your brain and captured well. In case you forget something regarding your topic, you will have a picture of it once you close your eyes.  

  • Familiarize with formulas. 

Always have a formula sheet with you. When you are practicing questions that involves formulas, refer to a formula sheet. This will help you retain the formula in your mind on the tests’ day.  

  • Practice past paper questions 

Emphasize more on practicing past paper questions. The questions of past papers will help you familiarize with the test patter over the year and type of questions that can be asked in ECAT 2021 so it’s very important to prepare for ECAT. Your will have a clear approach towards the difficulty level of each question.  

  • Avoid using calculators in last week of preparation. 

Did you know calculators are not allowed in ECAT? Well, now that you know, work on your swift mental calculations.  

As you cannot spend more than one minute in each question, the practice of solving without calculator will help a lot. You will attempt one question quickly and move on to the next.  

  • Make a schedule. 

Set a timetable which you can follow properly. Define what you will study, questions a day and past papers in a day. Follow the schedule appropriately. Categorize the questions depending on their difficulty level. Do easy questions with 2-3 difficult questions so you have a tempo maintained. Do not shift questions to the next day as it will not help with the preparation. Be proactive and ensure following the schedule is your number one priority.  

Which is the best educational institute in Lahore for the preparation of ECAT? 

The best way to prepare is self-study. Amidst the worsening situation of COVID-19, prepare for ECAT 2021 at home. You can find everything on Internet and other resources. However, some of the best resources are: 

  1. FSC Books 

Since ECAT covers subjects of FSC (Pre-Engineering) and ICS, you must thoroughly grab the concepts from FSC books. You must have good hands on numerical as well conceptual questions of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Over the time the difficult level of ECAT is increasing that requires students to have good conceptual understanding of FSC Level coursework. You can find FSC books PDF on the official website of Punjab Curriculum Textbook Board (Government of Punjab). 

  1. ECAT Smart Brain 

ECAT Smart Brain is a guide to achieve higher marks in ECAT 2021. So, what does this book has got to offer? 

  • The book uses a systematic approach with conceptual notes at the beginning, revisions of relevant questions, and practice exercises.  
  • There are brain buster questions in each practice exercise for you to put extra effort in tough questions.  
  • Like FSC, there are key concepts that refresh your understanding of a topic. 
  • Every solved exercise has a detailed explanation.  
  • You can practice questions of sentence completion, direct/indirect speeches, Sentence Correction, Analogies, Synonyms/antonyms for English portion. 
  • For subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, each chapter is equipped with brain busters set.  

How can I apply for ECAT? 

You can visit UET admissions portal and buy token from selected HBL branches. The UET official website will ask for ‘5-digit serial number’ and ’14-digit token number’. You can then fill information and select nearest test location. Complete your application and print the generated Admit Card for ECAT 2021.