Did you buy any musical instruments from an online store? This is our topic today. It sells musical gear and instruments. Reverb Shop is the brand name for this website. This website has been a hit in the United States (USA), United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Canada.

Today, we are going to review this website. This review will reveal a lot more information about the website that will make your mind up. Take a look at the Review article.

Reverb Shop

Reverb Shop is an internet musical instrument shop. It was established in 2002. It sells various musical instruments and other gears. You can also sell your gears. They sell electric guitars.

This website has also made its company details transparent, as they have named its owner. Reverb, according to them, is an online marketplace that sells vintage, used and new musical instruments. It has also become extremely popular among its users over time. Let’s see Is this Reverb Shop Legit? By going through its specifications.

Reverb Shop Specifications

  • Portal Formation Date- It was established for the first time in 2002/11/25.
  • Products Offered –Musical instruments, gears and accessories,
  • Payment methods- Website accepts Visa, MasterCard and Amex.
  • Shipping Time- The website provides a 2-day shipping method.
  • Email Address- You can reach [email protected] for general questions and/or suggestions.
  • Physical Adresse- USA. IL 600657. Chicago. 3345 North Lincoln Ave.
  • Phone Number- Company’s main phone number: 1-888-726-22728
  • Return PolicyKnow via Reverb Shop Reviews if you received damaged products, you must notify them within 7 working days.
  • Policy Refund –Refund will take 3-5 working days.
  • Newsletter- Subscriptions are available.
  • Website Link-https://reverb.com/.
  • Exchange Policy- Exchange could not be found on this website.

In the next stage we’ll discuss the pros & cons of Reverb Shop.

Reverb Shop

  • Reverb Shop has been around for a long time and is very popular.
  • It has many fans on its social media platforms.
  • The website has provided the owner information.
  • All contact details are valid.
  • There are many customer reviews.
  • The newsletter can be downloaded.
  • The HTTPS protocol secures your website.
  • The Portal and Url names for the website are the same.


  • Discounts are not available

Is Reverb Shop Legit? Or Scam

With the help of the legitimacy indicators, we’ve finally arrived at the stage when we can tell if the website is real or fake.

  • Domain registration date- The website has been registered since 2002/11/25. This sign is reliable.
  • Domain expiry date Websites have less time, as they will soon be deleted on 2022/11/25.
  • Discounts – There were no discounts.
  • Trust Score-Trust score stands at 99%. This is a very high score.
  • Trust Rating- TRUST Rank is 100, which is an excellent rank.
  • Content quality-Review the about us content was 75% plagiarized.
  • Policies All policies will be properly listed.
  • Address Authenticity The company’s address is valid and it is legal.
  • Owner details – owner information is available.
  • SocialMedia Presence-Website boasts many social media accounts with large followings.
  • Customer reviews- You can find many customer reviews.

Customer Thoughts

It is important to consider the opinions of customers when assessing a website’s legitimacy. We found more than 1,500 reviews online from customers on TrustPilot (one of the most trusted review websites with a rating of 2.9 and mixed reviews). There are also reviews that can be found in various places. They also have comments on social media. Check here for Reviews if you need a PayPal return.


Reverb Shop was established long ago. It is active on and Instagram, where it has more than 85,000 followers. They have their company address. Their trust score is high. They also have many authentic customer factors. These points make it appear legit. But we ask that you do your research prior to purchasing. For a creditcard refund click here.