Are you currently also searching for that correct response to the fourth of This summer puzzle number 380? Which are the concept of the term used hanging around? Otherwise, and you’d like to learn details, you’re in the right source.

Players in the Uk, Canada, Australia and also the U . s . States are attempting to get accurate specifics of this is. Read below additional information and specifications about playing Seter Wordle.

Is seter the right answer or otherwise?

The Wordle game is a well-liked online puzzle series that gives information for brand new words every single day. Similarly, during the last puzzle, number 380, on fourth of This summer 2022, the letter was incorrectly spelled through the users because the answer. The majority of the users have mentioned the solution to be SETER.

However, the right answer as reported by the clue and hints from the game wasn’t ‘seter’ rather, it had been ‘sever’. The authenticity and spelling of correct solutions lost around the official website. Read below much more about the Seter Definition and Sever meaning and variations one of the words.


The main difference in spelling caused because of ‘V’ has altered this is from the words. As specified by the hint session, it’s possible to read below to understand which word was appropriate to put.

SETER- it’s a numerological series number that is representative of the amount 22. Also, other alternative meanings for the similar spelling indicate high capacity, intelligence, and attractiveness.

SEVER- this word is particular towards the division or cutting a specific part in the whole. It is also understood because the sudden act of forcible movement.

Hence after describing the language, it may be observed the concept of SEVER matches using the clue options in the game.

Hints: Seter Wordle

You who’ve missed noting lower the hint for that fourth of This summer puzzle can see below to recognize the right guest for the puzzle.

Puzzle number 380 had 5 alphabet inside it

There’s two vowels within the word

It signifies a verb

There’s one duplicate alphabet

They are synonyms for that letter – split and part.

How you can play

The consumer must go to the online portal of limitless Wordle

Choose the choice to play

Browse the hints

Put the alphabet as reported by the correct order

Enjoy your continuous and 24-hour challenge games

Do not know Seter Word Trending?

The seter word is trending on the web as many folks have previously pointed out so that it is the solution for that fourth of This summer puzzle. However, the solution for that Monday Wordle differs from the published answer. The response of surprise through the users managed to get trending.


To conclude, we’d suggest all players enjoy such puzzle games to build up a powerful vocabulary. Wordle, like a new emerging and trending game, provides authentic information and meaning about every word.

By playing everyday challenges, the consumer develops a feeling of learning new words. Was the content on Seter Wordle useful? Comment your opinion below for the similar!