Few things can be loved more than a cami tank top. It’s casual, it’s versatile, and it’s perfect for spring and summer. These shirts have seen trends come and go, but that doesn’t make them any less trendy! So if you’re looking for a shirt to knock your socks off with style, here are some of our favourite ways to get just that.

Cami tank tops cheap and goes easily with anything! Mix and match your favourite tank tops and camis, and you’ll keep your wardrobe looking fresh all season long. There are so many awesome prints to pick from that you can go for one that compliments the front of your outfit or something more feminine. This can be done by adding a matching colored cardigan or floral patterned shirt.

While cami tank tops are a staple of femininity, topping them off with just a boring old t-shirt can be downright boring. Here are some cute, simple ways to dress up your camis this summer!

14 Simple ways to style cami tank tops

1. Team up a cami tank with a skirt

A large part of the camis’ popularity stems from their simplicity. They make a great base for your outfit because they’re easy to work with and don’t try to be too much. If that’s the case, why not keep it simple? Pair one with a skirt or jeans, or even shorts. Play around with different skirts and shorts to see what you like best!

2. Pair one with a blazer or sweater

If you’d like to incorporate a little style into your look, try pairing a cami tank with a blazer or sweater. You’ll look more put together than if you throw on a plain t-shirt or button-up shirt, but you’re still looking casual and not as formal as wearing something like professional business attire.

3. Matching colored bottoms

A shirt and a tank are only half the outfits you need! If you pair your cami top with matching bottoms in the same colour, you’ll get even more good looks out of the whole scenario. If you want to keep the pairing simple:

  • Stick to one colour.
  • If you want to make it more complicated, go for two different hues.
  • Just keep in mind that there are a lot of combinations of colours that need to be matched up better together!

4. Wear one over different colored clothes

If you’d prefer to keep the outfit less formal and more casual but still look cute, try wearing a cami top over different colored tops or pants. For example, pair your black shorts with a white cami top or leggings with a pink tank top. Mix the colors up so that the whole thing looks less busy!

5. Tuck it in your jeans

Tucking a cami top into your jeans can be a good way to dress up an outfit without being too fancy. These button-up tops are great for adding some stylish flair to any casual outfit, and they also look good when tucked in your jean shorts or skirt.

6. Matching accessories

This works surprisingly well too! If you want to take it up a notch, pair your tank with jewelry or a bag with pretty shoes, sandals or eyeglasses. It’ll help you look more put-together and less like you just threw on whatever was lying around the house!

7. Cami tops with short shorts

If you like short shorts, a cami top is perfect for the summer. You can keep it simple with a solid colour (like white, black, or red) if you’re looking for something casual, but if you want something a little more stylish, try adding a pattern to the shirt or maybe a fun design down the centre of it.

8. As a layering piece

If you’re looking to layer up, a cami top is a great way to do it. You can wear one under another shirt or a jacket or cardigan. It’s nice to put something light and airy under heavier garments so your whole outfit will still be comfortable.

9. Top it off with a scarf

Try pairing a cami top with a scarf to add a little more flair to your outfit. Scarves can be worn with nearly any outfit, as they’re fairly low-key, but they tie in nicely with all kinds of trends. Remember that if you’re wearing a cami tank under a cardigan or jacket, the scarf will likely show through and look messy!

10. Under sheer clothing

Sheer clothing is usually simple, so it’s nice to dress up like a sheer tank top with a cami. The cami will cover the cleavage, and the sheer tank will look some dimension. This way, you’re wearing more than a solid fabric over something.

11. Wear it as a dress

If you’d like to take your cami tank top dressing up a few notches, try wearing one as a dress. The idea is to wear the cami top with leggings or tights and then layer over it with a tunic or long-sleeved top (which are both great for the summer).

12. High-waisted bottoms

A cami top looks great with a high-waisted bottom, especially for an outfit you’ll wear to a formal party or event. If you want to wear it with jeans, try going for a high-waist or mid-rise style. The key here is that the top of your jeans should be a manageable length! Otherwise, they will clash with the rest of the outfit, and it won’t look as nice.

13. Wear it as a vest

A cami tank top is quite versatile! If you’re looking for something different, try wearing your tank as a vest with some bold accessories. You can pair your cami with an oversized tee, making it appear more casual.

14. Mix and match

Another fun way to dress up your cami tank tops is by mixing and matching them with other pieces of clothing. You can wear a cami over a t-shirt or under a cardigan, but you can also wear one under a sweater or blazer. Adding another piece of clothing to your outfit gives you something else to play with, as well as something else to mix and match!


See, the cami top is more versatile than you may have thought. It’s not just for spring and summer, and it can be paired with shorts or dresses. You can mix and match them differently, with different bottoms, colours, and designs. If that’s not enough to convince you they’re worth investing in, then I don’t know what is!

What do you think about the cami top? Do you have any other suggestions for how to style it? Let me know in the comments!