Temporary Graduate Visa 485
Group of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation

International students who have completed a 2-year valid graduation program and want to stay, work, and study in Australia can surely apply for the subclass 485 visa Australia without a doubt.

The post-study stream and the graduate workstream of the 485 visa let you work over there for two consecutive periods of time, i.e. 18-24 months and 2-4 years, respectively. Besides, this visa also gives you a wonderful opportunity to get a Permanent Residency in Australia.

But, did you know that there are a couple of reasons for which your Australian 485 graduate visa may face a sudden rejection?

Hence, learn about some of the most effective tricks and tactics through which you can avoid the abrupt rejection of your visa subclass 485.

Tricks And Tactics To Avoid 485 Visa Rejection

Compliance with the skills assessment test

After applying for the graduate work stream of graduate visa 485, qualify for the required skills assessment test successfully. To apply for this visa, we must choose you for a valid occupation that comprises the (CSOL).

Avoid choosing a wrong visa stream

While applying for your 485 graduate visa, you must choose the right visa stream and apply for the same accordingly.

If you cannot apply for the correct visa stream, then you may face a sudden rejection or cancellation of your visa subclass 485.

This information will surely help you choose the right visa stream and avoid the rejection of your student visa subclass 485 effectively.

Qualify in the English language test

Rejection of your 485 visa can be avoided in various ways, and one way is by qualifying in the English language test successfully. Most of the visa applicants cannot take up this English language test for various reasons.

One reason is the prolonged time for which the applicant needs to wait to get the last date of the English language test.

These are some reasons for which most of the applicants avoid appearing for the said English language test. This is one of the most effective ways to avoid the sudden rejection of your graduate visa 485.

Find out your duration in Australia

The moment you are applying for the visa subclass 485, mention a certain duration regarding your entire stay in Australia.

Hence, there is a gap of at least 16 months between the commencement and completion of your chosen academic program.

Provide the offer letter to your immigration official for the exact dates of your course commencement and completion.

Provision of a valid health insurance

Holding a valid OSHC is also one of the finest ways to avoid the rejection of the 485 visa successfully.

After receiving your OSHC, it’s time for you to transfer it to the Overseas Visitor Health Cover in the proper manner.

By executing this entire procedure effectively, you too can avoid the sudden rejection or cancellation of your visa subclass 485.

Provide the right documents

Some documents which you have to submit to your immigration department for the sudden rejection of your 485 visa are:

  • Your final transcripts
  • Documents that prove your final certificate
  • A substantial letter of completion and
  • All your academic documents

Remember that you should collect all these aforesaid documents as soon as the results of your academic program get declared. Successful submission of these documents can help you to avoid the sudden rejection/cancellation of your visa subclass 485. You may counsel Immigration Agent Adelaide for superior visa administrations.