SAT reading and writing

A psychic reading is the process of finding information about the past, the future, and other paranormal situations by using clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance, in the form of a live reading.

People often consult psychics in order to learn more about their fate, their love lives, and to resolve problems with their deceased relatives and friends. Live psychic readings are often performed as follows:


Astrology is the model for a live psychic reading. An astrologer predicts a person’s future by examining their birthday and zodiac sign in relation to the planets, moon, sun, and stars.

Card psychiatry, also called fortune-telling or fortune-telling astrology, uses cards for reading people’s futures. Common fortune telling involves the use of a standard deck of cards;

Tarot readings involve specialized cards bearing different symbols. In a reading of the aura, you will see the bio-electric field surrounding the subject.

Through their special abilities, psychics claim that they can read the aura of a person. In this technique, they read and cleanse the aura of a person to improve the quality of their life.

A white aura is associated with calmness and positivity, whereas a black aura is associated with death and melancholy.

Cleromancy is a type of spiritual divination that involves a gifted medium casting dice, stones, crystals, and bones to reveal the future.

It is through the positions, proximity, and formation of such things that psychics can discern them.

There is an opinion that the outcome of this procedure is affected by destiny, supernatural forces, and heavenly bodies.

Psychometry is a method of determining a person’s fate based on direct contact with his/her possessions.

During this procedure, a set of special abilities is used to read the future. Psychologists can look at a person’s future based on the objects that he or she favors, such as rings, vases, figurines, clothes, and books.

Psychometry stems from the belief that certain objects absorb a person’s energy over time, and is used in finding missing people and interpreting messages from the dead. An extremely popular psychic method is palm reading. The practice involves studying and interpreting a person’s hand in order to foretell their future.


This method reads a person’s future by taking into account the letters in their names and the numbers found in their birth date.

Lithomantic/ crystallomantic

The media constantly portrays clairvoyants and others who can predict the future through crystal balls.

Using stones and gems, Lithomancy or Crystallography makes predictions about the future by looking into the future through crystals.

In addition to the ones mentioned, these services are available through many psychic-houses and online portals around the world.

It is not surprising that the demand for people with special abilities is always high, since humans always want to know what lies ahead.