Custom Takeout Boxes
Custom Takeout Boxes

Custom Takeout Boxes are the best choice for your take-out business regardless of what you sell. The main purpose of these boxes is to display your food. They allow seeing through the clear window cut out on top. They also serve as a great marketing tool. 

If you take pictures of prepared meals and post them on social media. Using them will help capture people’s attention and encourage followers to come to visit your restaurant or take out service!

Boxes also allow restaurants to add flair with logos or mascots. It’s a great way to promote not only your business but yourself! People love freebies. Whether it be their favorite character on a box of cereal or a catchy phrase. Anything that helps them remember where they got that clever promotional item is good for business! 

To this day, people still know McDonald’s because of the golden arches. People line up in droves for the new Star Wars Coca-Cola cans. No matter what you sell or if your business is in startup mode, packaging is a must. They promote and protect your products!

Components that Bring Success to Custom Printed Takeout Boxes

Custom Printed Takeout Boxes have a lot of benefits other than just being a stylish way to package food. They’re made from eco-friendly materials. They help to brand your company. What’s even better is that you can design them however you want!

Combo Deal 1: More Product + Cost Effective

Takeout boxes are also cost effective. To hold more product, there needs to be as little dead space as possible. Using containers allows the business owner to cut costs. All waste has been designed out of the packaging process through clever box design and material choice. 

Furthermore; less unused space means that the diner will receive more food for their money! The example shows how cost and brand awareness was increased with creative design.

By offering a combo deal, businesses can make their cartons cost effective. They ensure that what the customer pays for is exactly what they get.

Combo Deal 2: More Time + More Money

When fast food chains use standard cardboard packaging, there isn’t much time to spend making sure that every little detail of the design is perfect before it goes out to be used. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out how your box mockup should look like. 

Printing and folding hundreds of them just to find one or two errors, you can simply order sample boxes from a company. See exactly how your design will copy over! With custom printed boxes you don’t have to go through this process. Everything will be printed before it is made.

Combo Deal 3: Quality + Quantity

When you design your containers, there are no limitations to what you can create. You’re not relying on someone else’s drawing or vision. Instead, design something that really represents your brand and also reflects the quality of food that you want to present. 

For example; if somebody was opening up a Mexican taqueria by using fast food boxes – this would devalue their image. They can help companies appear more professional, cost effective and efficient! What do you think of packaging? 

Custom Takeout Boxes Wholesale Preserve Your Food

The food you buy at your favourite takeout restaurant is already packaged in an appropriate box or bag. However, this may not be the case everywhere you eat out. If you are eating at one of those restaurants that do not use serving containers for your food. 

It’s up to you (or your waiter) to package the food before carrying it back home. Wherever you dine out, though, improper packaging can lead to squirts and spills that leave stains on your clothes and other belongings. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid these situations by repurposing cheap boxes

  • Pack smaller items like stir fries or dumplings first so they are easier to manage.
  • Pack larger items like donair or soup first so they are easier to carry.
  • Keep the food flat, instead of allowing it to sink into the box. One way of doing this is by placing paper towels between layers of food. 
  • Another option is stacking your takeout boxes on top of each other before packing them in one container. 
  • Place harder foods like rice at the bottom of the container.
  • Place softer foods like dumplings on top. 

Avoid using metal containers that cannot be separated as they will damage any plastic serving containers you place inside them. If your restaurant uses Styrofoam takeout boxes, avoid stacking more than two high as they are known to be unstable.

Once you have packed your food, seal the container with tape to ensure it stays closed in transit. If you are not sure about whether or not you have packaged your food properly, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Did I use enough packing material?
  • Is my box flat? 
  • Is all of my food secured inside the box?

If you are unable to confidently answer “yes” to each question, then it is probably best if you repackage your Takeout Boxes Wholesale. You can always ask your restaurant for a proper takeout container on your next visit!