It is not unheard of to watch and hear many Australian parents standing on the sidelines of any sports discipline and proclaiming that they could do better than the coach is doing. This comes from frustration about how the individual or the team is doing and it also comes from a lack of understanding of the skills that a coach actually has and the benefits that he or she provides. Being a coach of any particular sport is incredibly demanding and sometimes they don’t receive the rewards that they truly do deserve. As a parent, you’re going to experience all different types of emotions from exhilaration to exasperation and even anger sometimes.

What you need to realise is that a coach offers up many benefits to individuals or team members in any sport and they are the ones that have to go through the ups and downs of winning and losing with their team every single week. If you are looking into tennis coaching in Sydney then you really do need to understand that your game or your kid’s game will improve exponentially but you have to be able to let the coach do their jobs. If you still have it in your head that you can guide your child or your team in the right direction all by yourself without any coaching skills then you would be very much mistaken and the following are just some of the benefits of having a coach in any sports discipline.

  • They teach good exercise habits – Exercise is essential if anyone is to get better at the sport that they play but often doing exercise is not a fun thing and so it is not looked forward to at all. A good coach knows exactly what kind of exercises can be fun and that can be beneficial at the same time. The coach will encourage you to exercise on a regular basis and to live a healthy lifestyle now and in the future. This is discipline that every athlete needs currently and in their life ahead.
  • They can address mental obstacles – Many players do not become the best that they can be not because they are good enough and not because they are not fit enough but because they don’t believe in themselves. Many athletes lack confidence and they have a real fear of failure and so they fail to win anything in the first place. Every good coach will tell you that you need to experience both the ups and downs in order to become a better person and a better athlete. The coach is there to build up your confidence so that you can succeed and this leads to higher self-esteem.

It is also important to remember that a coach is there to improve your game but it is also their job to be a role model and this comes with a lot of very important responsibilities. A coach is always there to give you advice about the game that you’re playing but also can advise you about other aspects of your daily life