The starting cost of 2021 Corvette is $61,000 approximately and yes it is worth every penny you spent on this mesmerizing sports car from Chevrolet. With outstanding performance and a design which steals a glance from everyone; no other sports car is available in the market at such a price that can do it. Opting for a deal when in Winslow Chevrolet dealer outlet, all you will be able to do is keep gazing at this beauty.

However, the question which might an individual think about is just the looks is what makes this vehicle worth the money people spend on it or is there something more. Well, in short there is a lot more to appreciate and enjoy from this vehicle; and for the long answer simply going through certain details will aid in understanding it.

Engine setup at the back

Older Corvettes are known for having engines placed in the front of this car; new ones have been fitted with engines at the back behind passenger space. However, the engine remains the same powerful one with improved performance.

The only available engine for Corvette 2021 is a V8 with 6.2L option that has a capacity of initiating 490 horsepower and also, torque of 470 lb-ft. Nevertheless, you will get more horsepower if Z51 package is installed when buying this vehicle. Moreover, this package provides a number of additions to this vehicle that makes this beast even better. Hence, it is the reason for experts always recommending Z51 package’s addition.

Sole transmission available for this car is a dual-clutch 8-speed automatic, which is paired with every Corvette and the reason for remarkably swift gear changing operation. Also, this sports vehicle offers one of the best fuel-mileage of 15 mpg (city), 27 mpg (highway) and combined 19 mpg.

Modern and classy design

Be it the interior of this vehicle or the exterior, it has been designed in a way that ensures to catch the eye of every individual near it. Moreover, the cabin is trimmed fabulously that offers ample space for two people to sit comfortable and also makes it a nice vehicle for daily usage.

Leather, real metal, colorful stiches and more, makes this car not just look amazing but also be comfortable that would make every ride brimming with satisfaction. Also, it has a removable roof that fits inside the trunk.

Other infotainment features include mobile hotspot, smartphone integration, Bluetooth, and more. All these are highly responsive and user-friendly.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier the base model starts from $61,000 and the other 2 options are available from the price of $68,300 and $73,000. You can check the vehicles and exact pricing from Winslow Chevrolet dealership; however, if you are planning to buy one it’s better to get the high-end one.

So, if you are in this market to get your hand on the best sports car at a reasonable price, then none can compete with the 2021Chevrolet Corvette. It is simply the best in the market with the launch of the 2021 model and is definitely worth every penny!