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The redemption card game of exchanging rewards is a name that is no longer strange to those of you who are passionate about card games for money. It is known that the card game first appeared in the markets of China and Europe. By the beginning of 2018, grasping this trend, bookies in Vietnam for the first time launched the reward innovation game portals to serve the needs of players. Let’s find out more deeply about Sodo Casino through this article!

What is the bonus of the redemption card game?

Card game is the term used to refer to games that use a deck of 52 cards. In Vietnam, popular playing variations using this deck can be mentioned as Tien Tien, Sam, Phom, 3 cards, Poker, Mau Binh, …

Redemption in the game is understood as the exchange of denominations from money (such as coins, coins, …) into scratch cards, cash or valuable items.

This combination has created the phrase “Reward Card Game” – with the aim of increasing the fun of the games as well as attracting players who want to try their luck. Familiar names such as dice, baccarat, Tai faint, … are typical for this type of card game.

Sodo bonus game and advantages to know

Right from the first days of its launch, the card game quickly became the hottest game at the leading bookies in Vietnam, attracting countless online game lovers to participate. In addition to giving players moments of extreme entertainment, the game also has the following advantages:

Bring high entertainment

Still the familiar card games are designed, but the bonus card game requires players to have the ability to concentrate, observe, calculate and speculate, so it brings great entertainment. Players can also access these games on mobile phones or online platforms quickly and easily.

Extremely good anti-cheat and intrusion ability

One advantage that online card games are more popular and superior to traditional card games is the ability to fight fraud. The game rules in the server system are written using algorithms (CODE) to ensure fairness for players. So players will no longer have to worry about their opponents peeking at cards or performing the usual shuffling tricks.

Players have the right to convert to cash

That’s right, the reason these games are called “rewards” is because players can not only win with in-game scores but can exchange those scores for cash. It can be said that this is the biggest attraction that the card game gives players. Support houses provide popular withdrawal methods into simple operations to receive money such as: e-wallets, phone top-up cards, internet banking…

Ensure safety

The current gambling games in Vietnam are still considered illegal. However, when it is developed into an online game form, the bonus card game is completely unrelated to the law because it is just virtual money. Therefore, you can be entertained and guaranteed when withdrawing – depositing money at game portals.

The hottest Sodo the redemption card game

Join the card game at the house, players can be entertained with many different games. Some famous names in the list of card games can be mentioned as follows:

The game of Baccarat was a resounding success

Baccarat is a famous card game at both traditional and online casinos, also known as Scratch or Bach Gia Lac. A Baccarat game has 3 outcomes: the Player (Player) wins, the Banker (Banker) wins and the Tie (Tie).

The player’s job is to bet on the door that he thinks will win, the Dealer will proceed with the remaining steps to determine who wins. Each player will be dealt a maximum of 3 cards, if you have the closest score to 9 buttons, you are the winner of the hand.

Traditional Ginseng is easy to play

The way to play Sam Loc is similar to Going to the South, using a 52-card West deck. Each player will have 10 main cards, the maximum number of players is 5. Players take turns playing cards in a counter-clockwise direction. Card number 2 is the most powerful card. The player requires careful calculation before making moves.

The familiar childhood Phom card game

Phom or Ta La is a very popular card game in Vietnam. The rules of Phom in the card game are quite simple, using a basic 52-card deck.

The main player has the task of eating the cards of other players, the cards that are eaten are aggregated, called Phom. Along with that, the player needs to discard the cards that have no value called junk to reduce the total score of the cards that are not in the Phom. The player who Ù earliest will win.

Epilogue has provided you with information about the redemption card game. It can be said that these games are entertaining, so they attract a large number of people. Players will surely have a great experience when playing card games and also bring home many great rewards.