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As the temperature begins to drop outside, you may be concerned about what is going to happen to your lawn. The leaves start to fall from the trees, the ground starts to get hard, and you may be worried about your yard. It is important to think carefully about lawn care in Toledo Ohio, particularly during the winter. Take a look at a few important tips from our lawn service company in Toledo to make sure your lawn is set up for the upcoming winter and spring seasons.

Limit the Amount of Traffic Through Your Yard

You need to do your best to limit the amount of traffic going through your yard. Particularly if you have frost on the ground, you need to avoid walking on it too much. You also need to talk to your family members and friends, making sure they avoid walking on the grass when it is dormant. Even if your grass is usually strong and healthy, it can become very weak and brittle if the same path is walked through your yard too many times.

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Consider the Winter Precipitation

In addition, you need to develop a firm plan for how you are going to deal with winter precipitation in the area. Ice is going to be a significant concern in the local Toledo area, and you need to make sure you keep your sidewalks, walkways, and driveway clear of too much ice and snow. That way, people have a safe path they can use to walk. You may want to use special materials that can melt the snow and ice quickly. That way, no one is tempted to walk on the grass, and the winter precipitation is not going to cause too much damage to the lawn.

Make Sure Your Yard Is Clean

Finally, you also need to make sure you keep your yard as clean as possible during the winter. During the fall season, there is a good chance that a lot of leaves will have piled up. You need to clean up these leaves quickly because they could suffocate your lawn before winter arrives. If you leave fallen leaves on your lawn, they could become soaking wet. This can be a nidus for disease, which can infect and spread throughout your yard. You may want to use your mower to mulch the leaves into smaller pieces. Then, you can recycle the nutrients back into your yard, keeping it healthy during the winter season.

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These are a few of the most important tips you need to keep in mind if you want to set up your lawn for the winter. At Black Diamond Garden and Nursery Center, we can get you set up with a lawn fertilizer program in Toledo. Our lawn service company in Toledo will help you make sure your yard is protected during the winter. If you want the best lawn care, contact us today to learn more about our services!