Among the luxurious and expensive construction materials lies lumber. They are used in construction projects to a great extent with varying possibilities. Lumber takeoffs are acquired through the right experts. While the material is highly valuable and useful, it needs the right care in the storage room on construction sites. This care includes dos and do nots that promote no or minimum wastage, the right quality, and intended usage. It is provided through creating the required conditions in the storage.

But first a brief introduction about the material and why it requires care.

The Material – Its Nature

The material called lumber or timber comes from trees. They are processed into boards, beams, planks, and different needed shapes and forms. Then, these shapes and forms are then used for the intended products. While all these processing is physical, they carry similar tendencies and characteristics as trees.

These tendencies and characteristics form the basis for the care. These include:

  • Organic materials are soft as compared to inorganic and metallic materials. Its softness makes it vulnerable to sharp objects and weight. To counter or shield it, protection from the outside is needed. 
  • Also, organic matter is prone to rotting. Different living organisms can feed off trees and even processed trees. These can damage the material and reduce it to the point of debris. As a result, it becomes an utter wastage
  • The shiny and appealing surface of the material can diminish for the worse with even a little infestation or external force. Both infestation and external force can disturb the outer appeal of the material
  • The cellular matrix of trees has huge gaps that take in water. This may be good for trees but once they are processed, the moisture is deadly. It can lead to swollen material which cannot be used. Also, it can damage the matrix weakening it

These play their role and create the need for the right care. In this care include things to do and things not to do.

Things Not to Do

Things to do and things not to do are almost the same. Both operate in opposite ways to deliver the required effect. Resultantly, things not to do include:

Do not stock the material without gaps

Timber or lumber needs air circulation. This keeps the material safe and of optimum quality. To ensure it is as long as possible, proper stacking is needed. If lumber forms are not stacked without gaps, this circulation is not possible and it leads to material wastage.

Do not put a lot of pressure on it

The material is soft and has a limit of weight sustenance. Too much pressure can damage the material while it is in storage. It requires not to put too many forms over each other. It can affect the material’s internal structure 

Do not let moisture reach the stacked material

Moisture is poisonous for timber. It can spoil and ruin it. Therefore, it needs to stay dry for the best possible outcome. Thus, moisture should be restrained from the stacked material in the storage. Only then, does the material stay in the usage quality.

Do not let any sharp object near it

Sharp objects can damage timber. Pointy items can focus energy to create a harsh impact on things it comes into contact with. In the case of timber, this impact can be devastating and to avoid this sharp objects should not come in contact near them.

Do not let the mold grow

Timber is prone to molds; which can destroy the material at the molecular level. Molds can grow and eat the material in a slow process. For any such condition, frequent checks are needed. Even the smallest mold should be dealt with to avoid any further spread.

Do not let direct sunlight fall on them

Direct sunlight and the presence of UV in it can damage the material. It can shrinkage, oxidation, fading, and breakdown of the outer layer of the material. Therefore, the storage should be safe from direct sunlight so that the stored material stays safe.

These are some of the do nots while storing lumber or timber in construction sites.


Timber or lumber is a valuable construction material that requires the right care before usage. to understand its usage lumber takeoff services can be availed. It is an integral part of storage on construction sites. While it includes dos, it also includes do nots. These do not maintain the quality of the material for usage.