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Outsourcing an order fulfillment service in Canada can save you time and money, but you should always have sufficient knowledge about that specific service provider before making your final decision. When you spend some extra time to get information from a potential third party logistic company, it will provide you with quite a few benefits. 

A major advantage is that you will not need to change the provider every year. Another advantage is that if there is much depth in the partnership with the company that will look after a major portion of the supply chain, it will be easier for you to make quick decisions.

Therefore, the next time you book a freight forwarding Perth, do not forget to ask a few critical questions discussed in the following section. 

Important Questions You Should Never Hesitate To Ask Your Service Provider

While doing the research, you will undoubtedly come across a large number of marketing materials, impressive presentations and learn many things about the past successes of the provider. This is the reason you should always throw these seven questions before making your final decision.

For How Long Have You Been In Operation?

You should always keep in mind that being in the market for an extended period is not the only sign of a company’s credibility. But, it will assure you of a well-established infrastructure and strong relationships in the industry. The answer to this particular question will help you in the latter part of the discussion.

What Are Your Specific Custom Services For My Business?

If you want to carry on this partnership for long, the logistics service provider should have adequate knowledge about your business requirements.

  • You should check whether they can give appropriate recommendations about serving your customers via supply chain improvements most effectively. If they can do it, they will be the ideal partner. 
  • Discussing this question will also help you understand the limitations a logistics service provider may have. It happens because when you discuss customisation, you can know their strengths and weaknesses in much detail.

What Is Your Core Business Philosophy?

In addition to all the industry experience and service details, another thing you will want to check with your supplier is whether their business philosophy aligns with the culture of your company or not. It will help you build a more trustworthy relationship with your service provider and give you much deeper insight into their business values.

What Are The Packaging, Storage, And Assembly Options That You Offer?

As a businessman, you will want your supplier to already have an efficient order fulfilment system in operation. Preferably, the system should involve most minor adjustment requirements so that it can accommodate your business needs. Keep in mind the following points. 

  • The ability to offer customised services is indeed essential. But simultaneously, the majority of the operation should have a definite standard to reduce potential disruptions. 
  • In addition, you should also ask them about short-notice fulfilment and building in some storage slack. This information will help you to know that some capacity is still there to fulfil sudden demand.

Who Are Your Suppliers?

It is highly crucial to learn about the trusted suppliers of the logistics service provider. Just as the service provider will be an extension to your company operations, the suppliers they work with will be the extension of their services. 

You may not have direct communication with these supplier organisations, but you have full rights to know who they are. You should research their services and reputation, too. It will make you aware of the business priorities of the logistics service provider. You can know whether they prioritise keeping costs low or want to pay more for better service quality.


What Is Your Anticipation Regarding The Operational Bottlenecks?

This question will be a tricky one. The provider will have to think deeply and anticipate any issues that may arise anytime from the supply chain requirements. 

  • While discussing, you have to figure out in which situations these bottlenecks can arise. 
  • A healthy discussion on this matter will improve your relationship. If the service provider raises those bottlenecks, the situation can come under control. 
  • But if the opposite thing happens, your service provider has to give an ideal solution that can help you decide whether or not they can be an excellent operational partner. 

Can You Provide References From Clients Who Have A Similar Business?

In the final stage of the interview process, you have to ask your service provider for references even though talking with satisfied clients can be helpful.

  • It will be better to talk to clients from a similar field or those with similar chain requirement types. 
  • You may have doubts and worries regarding the potential logistics provider. Therefore, while talking to these clients, you should not waste this opportunity to ask them if they have also encountered similar concerns. You should not expect to get all the necessary answers, but you will undoubtedly get an alternative perspective from someone in the same industry. This perspective can be beneficial for you while making the final decision.

What More Can You Ask?

In addition to these seven important questions, you can also ask a container transport Perth other questions. These may include what professional associations they are involved in, what accreditations they hold, what products they support, their pricing, etc.

Final Words

You should note that these questions will not only provide you with a good starting point for your research but also help you establish rapport with your service provider. When you are able to have a good connection with your service provider, you can feel more comfortable, and they will also easily understand the specific needs of your business. On the other hand, good research will help you verify their operational records, get in touch with their clients, and make better decisions.