Check out car hiring offers before your trip

Take care of renting a car before booking hotels. Decide in advance how much of the trip budget you are willing to allocate for the car (taking into account the cost of fuel, additional services, insurance, and deposit). Then do some research on the pricing policy of car rental companies.
For example, when starting a trip to Spain from Alicante, choose the best conditions for car hire Alicante airport. Do not trust companies that offer cars at suspiciously low prices. You will be shocked by the list of additional expenses at the time of booking, or you will receive a very unsightly car.

Choose the optimal vehicle

On a budget trip, the appearance and class of the car are not chosen to create a shocking image. You need a comfortable but simple car. To decide on a car model, indicate the purpose of your trip and make a route.
If you plan to visit the flat countryside or move between cities, a low-end compact car is the best choice. A small body will allow you to successfully fit into the turns of the narrow streets of Spanish cities and take up little space in the parking lot.
When traveling with a large group/huge luggage, or planning trips to mountainous areas, choose a roomy car with a powerful engine. In this case, you will have enough horsepower for a safe get on a steep slope.
The type of gearbox also matters: a manual one is cheaper and more common. Check the availability of automatic gearboxes among the offered cars for hire and book in advance.

Decide if you need to use toll roads

Toll roads are convenient if you need to travel long distances – it saves time. A comfortable road with good asphalt will allow you to drive faster at a constant speed and use fuel economically.
Please note that rest points on toll roads are more expensive than a stop in a village on the way. Pay attention to the sign that informs you about the toll road: you can turn off in time and save 1 euro for every 8 kilometers of the road.

Save on parking

An improperly parked car in Spain is fraught with a large fine, and most public parking lots are expensive. Don’t despair, these expenses can be minimized:

  • Use on-site hotel parking (free or fixed price).
  • On weekends, discounts are introduced in public parking lots – keep this in mind when planning a trip.
  • Parking in a small village is often free.
  • Not sure about the possibility of parking – ask the locals.
  • Check parking options online in advance.
  • When traveling to a nearby city for a day, leave your car in the hotel’s car park and use public transport.

Spend less money on fuel

In Spain, fuel prices are high, but they vary depending on the area. For example, refueling a car in a big city, on a toll road or highway will cost you more than in a small village. If you find cheap fuel, it is better to refuel the car and not wait for an empty tank. Consider that a small car is economical in terms of fuel consumption.
You can hire a car in Spain cheaper if you return the car to the rental point fully fueled. Time it out so that you have a full tank when you return.

Time matters

Rent a car in advance, preferably a few months before the trip. You will save on the rental itself and will have a large selection of available cars for the scheduled dates. Calculate your time correctly: it often turns out that it is impossible to renew the lease due to the next client. At the same time, the delayed return of the car is fraught with unnecessary expenses.
Avoid traveling during the tourist season, as car rental and fuel prices will be higher, and the desired car model may not be available for rent at all.

Avoid additional services and check the car

Not all cars at rental points are equipped with navigation. There is an additional charge for GPS rental. Take a navigator or use online maps on a trip, and when traveling with a baby take a child seat.
The second driver service also costs some money, and if you are under 25, you will have to pay a commission for a young driver. Be careful and take into account all your needs on the road.
When receiving the car, do not rush to get behind the wheel – look at the vehicle inside and out. Mark all the defects found on the car diagram at the rental point so as not to pay a fine for a previous client.


These proven tips will help you save a lot on your car rental. Try to think everything through before the trip, so that later you can rest, guided by the plan. Don’t forget to get your International Driving Permit before leaving for a successful rental.