With the recent events and improvements along with innovations in technology, the world of today has taken great leaps and heights with entering an all-new digital age. Being able to get in touch and connected easily with one another in different places throughout the world is made conveniently possible through the internet. The internet allows us to easily stay connected as long as there’s an available connection and can be used in various creative ways.

One such way that the internet is popularly used is by businesses and companies as it can be easily used for company growth and development. Several establishments have also taken an interest in the technology as it can be used to easily reach out to their targeted demographic and interact with them easily. Given the rising popularity and usage of the internet in various contexts and industries, the importance of cybersecurity is all the more prevalent as safety should always remain the number one concern for anyone looking to use the internet.

Being safe and secure should always remain the highest priority when it comes to using the internet before anything else. Cybersecurity should be one of the highest priority things that need to be addressed as soon as possible by different companies and establishments as a poorly timed vulnerability in the system along with a cyberattack can easily lead to several thousand in damages. Improvements to cybersecurity are always being made as preventive measures against different cyberattacks grow at a rapid pace making it all the more important to always have the best up-to-date cybersecurity system in place.

Doing this by yourself is close to impossible as the amount of time and work that needs to be done is almost impossible. The best way to improve your cybersecurity is through the help of cybersecurity companies as can provide you with the solution and services needed to improve your system.

Given the large scale of cybersecurity and its threats, the competition between different cybersecurity companies is especially stiff. Finding the best one might be difficult given the number of options but we are here to make that easier as we have compiled here a list of the top cybersecurity companies you need to look out for in 2022.

1. Sapphire

Sapphire is a company you should keep an eye out for. Sapphire is a cybersecurity company with no less than 25 years of experience in the market, you can be assured of the quality of services they provide. Their years of experience, customer base and quality of service allow them to stand out as one of the best cybersecurity companies in the UK.

Sapphire offers an extremely fluid system that prevents cyberattacks and threats by detecting them early and immediately responding to them. The company primarily specializes in threat detection and management through endpoint protection making them an overall good choice for any sized establishment. Sapphire offers a myriad of services geared towards the improvement of cybersecurity. Additionally, their convenient service provider allows them to take an extremely proactive approach to improve an organization’s cybersecurity.

This proactive approach allows them to monitor your organization on your behalf in real-time and make any necessary changes and improvements almost immediately. This keeps you up-to-date with competitors as well as forgo having to create an in-house team dedicated to this exact purpose. This MSS system in place is the main reason that you have to look out for Sapphire as it allows for 24/7 monitoring remotely which allows them to perform analysis and responses to complex events. Furthermore, you also get the benefit of additional expenses and challenges you will face from developing your cybersecurity system.

2. Netscout

The company that we have on this list that you should look out for is Netscout. Netscout in contrast to other entries in this list is a more specialized cybersecurity company. While Netscout might not offer the same versatility that other entries might have on this list, it still provides a crucial service that can easily be overlooked by many who are looking to improve their systems.

Netscout provides a unique service and experience as they specialize in securing and protecting from DDoS attacks. It particularly focuses on securing one’s cloud against DDoS attacks allowing for any site or service that relies on this cloud to stay available without interruptions.

Although their service lacks the versatility that any other company’s service might, the effectiveness and simplicity of their service allow them to compete with others in the industry as well as makes them a company to look out for given their effectiveness.

3. Palo Alto Networks

Making use of a unique system that allows them to predict and identify attacks and the stages it goes through; Palo Alto Networks is the next cybersecurity company that you should look out for. Palo Alto Network provides several cyber security measures with their core product and platform offering firewalls that cover many aspects of cybersecurity.

Their platform makes use of a machine that identifies and records patterns in attacks on your system. Their cloud-based service allows them to do this in real-time allowing for near real-time protection to your system. With their system, you can allow for a more complex work environment as you can easily be assured of a secure connection anywhere. This makes the organization extremely friendly for personal businesses that don’t have the bigger budget scope for more advanced cybersecurity measures yet.

4. Fortinet

Fortinet is another entry to look out for as although they provide and deliver the same high-performance network solutions as others in this list, they offer a unique service with physical firewall solutions along with several end-to-end security solutions and antivirus software.

Fortinet’s collection of solutions and products allows you to go through them one by one at your convenience and purchase the ones that you need and will use. Fortinet offers security in all aspects ranging from the cloud and network to applications and emails. This allows them to protect businesses from the rapidly evolving threats in cybersecurity as well as lay the groundwork for digital security infrastructure.