Your company’s employees are its backbone. Keeping employees productive is a top priority for the management team since employee productivity directly impacts a company’s profitability. In the business world, employee surveillance is not a recent trend. In contrast, the technique of monitoring staff has evolved. With so many companies moving towards remote work due to COVID-19, the employee monitoring software will remind you of how well suited this software is to remote work than before.

We conducted extensive research to find the best employee monitoring software in 2022. With this research on best monitoring software, we will give you some insight into their usability, and intuitiveness. Let’s dive in.


Workpuls is monitoring software that shows you exactly what your employees are doing throughout the day. It helps supervisors keep their staff on track with their work schedules. The software also tracks each team member’s computer activity and takes frequent screenshots to show what employees are doing on their computers at any given time. Also, users can track how much time is spent on each activity and project, and compare their progress to their budget. This information may help you identify time-consuming activities and maximize your office time.

Time Doctor

The Time Doctor employee monitoring program allows you to keep track of your employees’ working hours to a high degree of detail. By enabling your clients to see screenshots and reports of tasks related to their projects, you can build a more transparent relationship with them. You can monitor your employees’ productive and less productive hours using Time Doctor’s time tracking and activity monitoring tools. Using these solutions, you can not only see which websites and programs your employees use, but also if they use chat programs and with whom they are communicating.


The Hubstaff platform targets companies with workers who work in remote locations. This software allows employers to easily check employees’ location and internet activity, as well as how much time they spend on applications, even if they are on their mobile device and go offline. The Hubstaff time tracking tool allows employers and employees to log work hours precisely and export them to payroll software. The employees receive their paychecks on time. It connects with Salesforce, Humanity, Zendesk, and Freshdesk, among others.


Using this employee management software, business owners, HR employees, and managers can track the personnel in the office as well as those in the field. This will benefit freelancers and remote workers, including those with flexible working hours since they will no longer need to manually record and submit work time reports.

NCH Software’s FlexiServer automates attendance tracking, vacation management, and security and legal compliance monitoring of computer usage. Additionally, it lets you monitor employee desktop activity to boost productivity and ensure that they are not accessing or using prohibited software, files, or websites.


Several people may be hesitant to use monitoring programs due to the difficulty of setting them up and installing them. Controlio provides a quick setup that solves these problems. Installing the software is easy enough for even the most inexperienced PC users. On the main page of WE Controlio monitoring software, you can see how your workers are performing overall. Using the visual chart, you will be able to see how much time is spent on computers and how much time is spent working.

Online activity tracking is another feature included in the program. Within this tab, you will see information about people, their computers, and open websites. You can take a screencap of the worker’s monitor every five minutes using this surveillance program during a working day. The screenshots are a great way to see in detail how the work was done regularly.


InterGuard provides you with complete control over your employees’ computer activities. It can act as a surveillance camera on any device in your company, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. Thus, you will be notified of any misconduct or inappropriate behavior that occurs during working hours.

The software also keeps track of all computer activities. Thereafter, all logs are processed and indexed for alarms, audit trails, and other purposes. Furthermore, the information is also converted into a searchable format that can be accessed at any time and can be used for reports. Data and files containing sensitive information are accessible only to selected individuals and programs. You can also only send them to specific locations via permitted channels.


An online time-tracking and productivity tool, Monitask helps businesses track and manage their remote workers. It allows you to track employee internet usage, log time, take random screenshots, and track app usage. Businesses can track how much time employees spend at work, and employees can improve their productivity.

Monitask allows managers to monitor which apps freelancers or workers use, get reports on how long they spend using each app, and decide which apps the workforce should utilize instead of continuing to use solutions that stymie productivity. By using software, you can analyze employee performance and see how your team members are performing on their jobs. Using the time tracking and reporting tool will enable you to generate accurate invoicing and invoices quickly.


Kickidler is a productivity monitoring tool that shows comprehensive information about your employees’ desktop activities. The company’s management, department heads, supervisors, or team leaders can also grant remote access to their employees and teams to ensure that everyone is focused on getting their jobs done and not participating in activities that are detrimental to the company’s security.

With Kickidler, you can monitor your employees’ computers, watch what they are doing, and record their screen activity in real-time. Additionally, Kickidler employs a keylogger to record all the keystrokes your employees make on their computers.

Additionally, you can specify a filtered list of programs, files, websites, and other resources that employees cannot access or use at work to set up violation triggers. With Kickidler, violations are tracked every minute, and you can view a history of violations made by employees, as well as how much time was spent on each violation.

Using this employee monitoring software, you can monitor your employees’ work history.


Monitoring employee productivity may allow people to reach their full potential and help businesses flourish. With the best employee monitoring software, you can reduce wasted time and ensure that tasks are completed on time.