It is hard to encourage your children to sit down with a book, let alone read it, especially if they are preschool-aged!

Reading is one of the most important skills you as a parent can help your child to learn. But as technology advances, it can feel tougher to get them off other devices. Books are great. But they rarely compare with the graphics of a computer game!

If you are worried about your child’s reading level, there are some practical things you can do to help improve it. Read on for some top tips.

Encourage Them

It sounds simple enough, but few parents encourage their children actively, which can make the entire endeavor a waste of time. 

Children love being praised, but they also need encouragement. You know how important reading is for your child’s future. They don’t! So, start with getting them (and you) to sit down with an age-appropriate book and encourage them. There are online resources you can use too. Lenovo educational tablets can offer parents and children a range of apps. All are designed to help improve reading levels while also offering positive encouragement for your child. 

Normalize Reading 

If your children see you doing it, they are likely to do it.

So set aside the time each day to sit down in your living room and read a book yourself, even if it is only a few pages. This can allow your child to see that this is something worth doing, allowing them to normalize it. You can even read a book out loud to your child while they sit and listen. Of course, make sure it is appropriate. And making funny voices for different characters is always fun – for you and your child.

Get a Library

Not an actual library! But having a range of different books for your child to choose from can help them to engage with reading. 

Aim for books about their favorite characters. If they are into reading comics, this is acceptable too. If you are a bit strapped financially, then join an actual library. Encourage them to choose which books they want to take out. If there are no libraries near you, why not join an online one? These have books saved as PDFs, so you can download them to a computer or tablet. Once again, encourage them to choose which books they want to read. If they want to read the same book over and over again, that’s fine too!

Talk About Books

In the same way that kids talk about films, they can talk about books. 

Suppose you read Alice in Wonderland together. Ask them questions about the book. What do they think the Cheshire Cat looked like? How do they think the tea tasted at the Mad Hatters tea party? This will help them to relive the literature while also developing an imagination. You can even ask them to draw their favorite characters. 

Don’t Get Frustrated

It can be easy to get frustrated if your child gets stuck with reading or writing. But consider that in many instances, this can be a sign of another issue, such as dyslexia. So, keep an eye out for signs and seek further help if needed.