Spiral Wound Gasket

Gaskets are among the most minimalist components of boilers but play a crucial role in fluent working. Different parts of boilers need different gaskets that vary on the basis of design, shape, size and material. Here we are going to discuss particularly spiral wound gaskets. As the name illustrates, it is a spiral in shape and has multiple rings. Talking about the core elements, a spiral wound gasket is made up of:- 

  • Outer ring 
  • Inner ring 
  • Sealing element

This semi-metallic gasket is made up of carbon steel and filler materials like ceramic fiber, PTFE and graphite. In order to improve the endurance, an additional ring is added into the inner-most circle. 

Physical Properties 

We have already mentioned above regarding the materials of spiral wound gaskets. The layers of metal and filler materials are extremely important for boilers because of the intense and fast loading impacts. The gasket works as a reliable sealant that possesses the ability to compress and recover under different circumstances. While tightening the fastening bolts, fillers and metal layers turn into a seal of high endurance. Below is a list of features that makes a spiral wound gasket highly recommended for boilers:- 

  • Elasticity in recovery
  • Longer life 
  • High-pressure endurance
  • Withstand in fluctuating loads

Applications of Spiral Wound Gaskets

These gaskets are suitable for the areas where we expect high resistance from temperature and pressure. Therefore, the boilers industry needs it the most. From the installation of a new unit to the maintenance of an existing one, we need them everywhere. Commercial boiler operators always keep some spiral wound gaskets in their inventory for emergency purposes. Apart from that, these gaskets also work effectively where low temperature is required such as chemical manufacturing plants and cryogenic facilities. Below is a list of industries using spiral gaskets the most:- 

  • Petroleum
  • Power generation
  • Chemical 
  • Shipbuilding 
  • Metallurgy

If you are expecting tenacious sealing properties, the gasket should be highly reliable. Therefore, we recommend choosing a brand carefully. Scroll down for some useful information to select a brand. 

Choosing a Credible Brand 

Always go with the option of highly precise engineering solutions when it comes to buying spare parts for a boiler. Even a minor compromise with the quality of gaskets may lead to serious consequences during intense working hours. We recommend established brands like Flexitallic for all types of boiler gaskets. Spiral wound Flexitallic gaskets work effectively on heat exchangers, flanged joints, manholes, boiler handholes and other areas where high pressure and temperature are the biggest concerns. 

From Where you can Order?

If you are looking for a spiral wound gasket, it is advisable to search for the brand’s official website. If the website has no delivery network in your area, search for a supplier that ships directly from the manufacturer. There are multibrand online suppliers having a global reach. Compare the price of the same product available on the official website as well as a third-party platform. Also, search information regarding the credibility of third-party suppliers on platforms like Glassdoor for more assurance.

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