With the advent of the pandemic situation, maintaining proper physical health has become increasingly important for all of us. While you keep a constant check on your health, consult your physician regularly, airwise fryer reviews and maintain proper healthy habits every day, it is also important that you follow certain Vastu tips. Some things are beyond our control, and Vastu helps to fix them easily. Follow the simple steps mentioned below, and you will see stark positive changes in your life soon.

Vastu Tips to Follow in General:

  • Regularly light a candle in the northeast direction. It will help you maintain good health. Also, plant basil or tulsi instead of cactus, Bonsai, and other plants- the latter can drastically affect your health.
  • Fix dripping taps in your house, as constant dripping of water may indicate improper health issues and warnings. Talk to a Vastu consultant to be clear about the consequences.
  • Avoid having stairs or toilets in the northeastern direction of your house. It may cause your health to deteriorate. Also, you must not use the space below the stairs for the kitchen, storehouse, or toilet. It can lead to serious health problems for any of the family members.

Bedroom and Sleeping Patterns:

  • Have your bedroom in the southwest direction and not in the northeast direction. This will ensure that you and your family can lead a healthy and fulfilling life ahead. Keep your head in the south direction while sleeping, as it promotes healthy living. Avoid sleeping with your head in the north direction to prevent stress, anxiety, and heart ailments.
  • Choose a wooden bed for your bedroom as it has numerous health benefits. Also, you should not have any storage space in your bed, and it is part of the important Vastu tips that you must follow. 
  • Pregnant women should not sleep in the northeast direction to avoid miscarriage or abortion. Talk to a Vastu consultant to know more about the details and the things that you should keep in mind for pregnancy issues.
  • Avoid sleeping with your lights on, as it can adversely affect your health. You will constantly face headaches and other health issues if you sleep under light beams.
  • Avoid keeping your bed in front of a mirror, as it can lead to nightmares and scary thoughts, which will affect your sleep patterns. Keep your bed in a different direction than that of the toilet wall, or else you will face serious health issues in the future.

Kitchen Vastu Tips:

  • Construct your kitchen in the southeast direction to promote good health. A Vastu consultant will give you all the essential details about how to construct your house, how to decorate it, how to place furniture and other things in the house, and so on.
  • Consider having your kitchen equipment in the east direction, and cook in the same direction. It will help in the proper digestion of food and allow you to maintain good health.
  • Do not place your kitchen and toilet side-by-side. Consider building it across the pathways, or in completely different areas of the house. Keeping the two together can lead to serious health issues.
  • Never choose the kitchen in a northeast direction, as it may cause serious health problems in the future. Avoid keeping important elements in the kitchen facing the northeast direction, and you will enjoy good health.


Considering certain Vastu tips while building and maintaining your house can help in the improvement of your health emeril pressure air fryer reviews. They are very simple ways to protect yourself and your family from health issues. With the deadly virus affecting our lives in a big way, it has become essential that we choose a healthy lifestyle to keep the virus out of our reach. A Vastu consultant will help you choose the right ways of living so that you are hale and hearty for the rest of your life. Follow the Vastu tips and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the future.

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