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Everyone fancies a proposal but when it comes to proposing research – people run five miles away! 

A dissertation is an extensive piece of academic writing which bounds you to search every word before writing it that is why your research instructor requires you to write a proposal of the research before you begin to write your dissertation.

What is a dissertation proposal you ask? Well, let’s dig into it.

What is a dissertation research proposal?

“A research proposal is the outline of your dissertation for your research instructor to analyze the benefits of conducting a research”

You write a research proposal to inform your teacher about the whereabouts of your research. In your research proposal, you discuss; the problem, how you aim to solve that problem, and what is the solution.

Whenever you are writing a proposal make sure to discuss the following things;

  • Whatis the purpose of your research?
  • Why are you searching for that particular topic, Mention the hypothesis of your dissertation? 
  • How are you going to collect the data, discuss methodology in brief? 

By sticking to the above points, you can write an effective proposal. Astray from prolonging the information in your proposal, the information has to be precise and up to the point! Also, it should be written in future tense only.

Why do we write a research proposal?

“To give the clear road map to yourself, so you won’t find yourself lost in various directions of your research”

Just like a chef prepares the recipe of any dish before cooking it, so that he won’t end up making a tasteless dish. In the same way, a researcher is required to make the recipe for his research, including all the necessary aspects of his research, on which he should stick while starting to write the dissertation.

How long should a dissertation proposal be?

In most universities a standard for a Masters’ level dissertation proposal consists of 3000 words and a Ph.D. level dissertation proposal can be comprised of 5000 to 7000 words. It is indeed a truth that the length of a research proposal is one of the reasons why students take the dissertation writing help UK– based, but true research will face all the obstacles with a dash of intelligence.

Elements of a Research proposal:

In your researcher, you must talk about the following aspects of your research topic;

  • Introduction.
  • Literature review
  • Methodology and design.
  • Bibliographic or reference list.

1.     Introduction:

In the mind of your reader, there is a plain canvas that is waiting for you to perform its art. So, you should start with the same concept. Your reader does not know about the ABC of your research right now, start with the introduction of your topic like;

  • What is your topic?
  • What areas your research is about to cover?
  • What is the background of your research?
  • What are the aims and objectives of your research?

2.     Literature Review:

A literature review is when you critically analyze the previously researched data on your topic or related to your topic. If you have any trouble in dissertation then you have to hire any reputable academic writing services by The Dissertation Help who can give you non-plagiarized papers with quick delivery. A literature review is the necessary aspect of your research because by reading different researches you find the research gap which you choose to research further.

In your research proposal, you are expected to discuss the criteria you set for your literature review so that your reader can judge the foundation of your research. Also, there are three main answers that you should give;

  • What was the common aim and objective of different researches conducted on your topic?
  • What were the main lacking in those researches?
  • What did you learn from your findings and how are you planning to continue with them in your research?

3.     Methodology and design:

In this step, you will just require to answer every HOW’S of your research like; how did you conduct your research, how did you get your data, how did you write your hypothesis, and how much following a certain approach allows you to achieve your research’s aims and objectives.

In the methodology section, you are required to discuss the following things;

The type of your research; is your research going to be qualitative or quantitative?

Mention your population; discuss the ethnicity of your population and the sample size of your research. For example; 100 graduate students of media sciences were selected for the research.

Research methods; what were the methods of gathering your data, are you planning to conduct the surveys, interviews, experiments, or observations to find the reasoning for your hypothesis.

4.     Bibliographic List of References:

Research is collective work, even though you would be conducting the research, single-handedly, but you still take help from the researches of different people. When a researcher takes help from other researchers, he becomes liable to give due credits. Now, there are several ways to shape your references;

  • APA style
  • MLA style
  • Vancouver System
  • Chicago referencing and a few more.

A researcher would be highly expected to discuss the referencing style he or she is willing to shape his research in. Often, this requirement can be set by your educational institution or your research instructor.

5.     Schedule and the financial plan;

Research is quite expensive, if conducting research was a cheap task to do then there would be no research funding institution. Therefore, if you are planning to apply for research funding, then you should discuss the budget your research required.

A quality research proposal may discuss the schedule for your research. Like when and how much you are going to give time to each chapter of your research. By giving such details in your proposal you make it look promising. To Conclude! Research is not an easy task, it requires the intelligence of every brain cell. But this task can be made easy if you acquaint yourself with proper knowledge about conducting research. A research proposal sets the basis of your research so, you should pay extra attention to it. By following the discussed structure and guidelines, you can put forth the best research proposal.