Confluence Software

Confluence software at this point is a household name because of the popularity it has been able to gain in the last number of years. The software has a lot going on for it. Before we begin talking about the software, and what features it has, we want to talk to you about the software itself. The company has been around for a number of years and has thousands of fans who adore the software if the many Confluence reviews are anything to go by.

In this piece, we want to go beyond just telling you briefly about certain Confluence SoftwareFeatures but want to tell you about other aspects of the software. From details about Confluence pricing to how you can determine personally if the software is right for you. If you are interested in knowing about all of these things then keep on reading because we will tell you about it all!

5 Key Confluence Features

Templates Made Easy

The templates feature is perhaps one of the most talked about features for Confluence software for a number of reasons. The software has a templates feature which makes working so much easier for you. With this feature you are able to explore a number of templates which are pre-made on the software. You can then choose a template you think is right for you and even further customize these templates if you think it does not suit your needs exactly. The feature really helps you to save time because previously you might have had to plan your project from scratch but now you are able to merely add the details for your projects into the pre-existing template. This really helps you both save time and plan better projects!

Comments and Feedback

The comments and feedback feature is another feature which helps you save time and better collaboration on your project. This feature helps you to make communication for a project easier. The feature works fairly simply; you and your team are able to leave comments and feedback on work uploaded on the software pertaining to your project. So for example, if your colleague uploads their task and contribution for the project, you can review it and leave a comment and feedback about what you think of it. So now, instead of a long winded and planned meeting, a comment on their uploaded work suffices and not only helps save time for you but also for the project in general!


The analytics feature is another thing that we feel is wonderful about kanban software. This software helps you to keep on track with your work. The feature automatically analyses your work and progress on your project. This means you are able to know where you stand when it comes to your project and hence can simply give clients a more accurate timeline of when they can expect the finished results from you. This feature also keeps you and your team internally on your toes because you are able to make sure you know where you stand in terms of progress and can pick up the page if the progress is not inline with what it should be.


The notifications feature in Confluence software is worth the Confluence pricing alone! The feature allows for you to be on top of all your work at all times. The feature helps you to get notified about any updated about the project you are working on with your team. For example, if you are tagged in a comment you get a notification. If you uploaded some work, and it was reviewed by your colleagues who had some feedback, they can just leave a comment directed to you and then you are notified about it so you can address it right away. You are also notified by the software about any approaching deadlines so you can always keep on top of your work. All in all, this is a very nifty feature for your project planning software to have!

Version History

The next feature we want to talk to you about is the version history feature. This feature allows you to really work on your project without any fear. This feature can be best explained with an example. For example, you are working on something for a client and when the time comes to present the new update to the project to your client, your client says they do not like it. This means you need to go back to the drawing board but the benefit you get with the version history feature in Confluence software is that you can look at the version history for your project and then choose the last approved version of the software. This really helps you out a lot in terms of saving you time! Completely makes the Confluence pricing worth it!

Confluence Pricing

Now we want to tell you the specifics of Confluence pricing. The software has an increasing price model like most of its contemporaries. The cheapest version of the software costs $10 a month which is quite affordable. The more expensive versions can cost up to $30 a month. All in all, the software is not too expensive even for smaller businesses that are on a budget!

Is Confluence Right Choice for You

Whether confluence is the right software for you completely depends on what your needs from a software are. We suggest you get a confluence demo or trial to see if the software while you use it matches your expectations from it.

We are sure whatever decision you come to about this software will be the right decision for you and your business!