Exercise is always a good idea providing you are physically able to handle your training routine. Some people can barely walk at sixty while others flourish at eighty. Muay Thai training camps across Thailand have their fair share of people sixty years and older. Many of these people thrive at a time when all their friends and relatives are keeping their weekly appointments with their doctor. Martial arts such as Thai boxing have been delaying many chronic diseases which is known to harass people when they are older. It has also proven to be extraordinarily effective as far as fitness, weight loss and good health is concerned. Sports of various types has been known to improve physical wellness frequently allowing people to actually live longer.  Those above sixty must be extremely careful how much they want to be involved with Muay Thai. They are at a time in their lives when they have to avoid senseless injury at all costs . 

The best approach   

It is advisable that people over sixty avoid full contact sparring because the risk of serious injury is simply too big  and furthermore hard knocks to the head can do serious damage which can potentially rob the person of faculties which previously worked just fine. It is advisable for older people to avoid things such as concussion and also broken bones because by now it should have dawned on these older people that they are not immortal or indescribable and to take all reasonable measures to ensure that they avoid serious injury. The sensible approach at Muay Thai training camps is to engage in light sparring. Furthermore heavy bag work can be done as well as pad work. People with many years of Muay Thai training behind them will have few problems with such a training routine but newcomers to the sport may have to proceed with caution. Fortunately Muay Thai trainers know exactly how much to push older people and therefore training injuries is very rare.   

Very challenging   Muay Thai at Suwitgym is a high intensity full body workout which can be very challenging. Even something as straightforward as heavy bag work can be tough on the joints and someone not used to that part of the training can feel the strain in their lower back,  hips, abs and in their muscles. Muay Thai training camps all  across Thailand welcomes older people to their training centres. Every effort will be made to provide them with training and advice where necessary. These people will therefore enjoy high levels of physical fitness, they will be healthy and with Muay Thai weight loss is a natural part of the training process. Thai boxing is a sport which continues to be extremely popular and it continues to attract more people. This ancient form of martial arts has been part of Thailand for centuries  and it is still respected be people in Thailand and across the world. Years of Muay Thai training is a certain way to enjoy good health especially when older.