English for business

The one bad thing about the marketing approach being used by modern-day companies is while trying to cover every modern aspect, companies have started to forget about the basics of marketing. While it’s obvious that every company should narrow down its focus on marketing its product and services, at the same time, it is crucial to never overlook the most valuable and important commodity of all; yourself. 

The potential and power of a flyer to attract a normal person and convert him or her into a loyal customer is almost similar to what a business card offers in terms of your professional image and your career as a whole. 

While business cards have been in existence for a long time, many people have started questioning their potential and effectiveness in the current digital era. In an era where finding someone is easier than ever because of digital platforms like social media, do people still need business cards?

The simple answer to this question is a big Yes. Even with all the social profiles and digital existence, you need a business card. Let’s find out the reason behind this need through this blog post. 

Business cards according to the numbers 

If you don’t believe in what the expert says and if you don’t go by the trend, we can make you aware of the importance of business cards through numbers and data. According to a report, it has been found that more than 10 million business cards are printed in the USA every year, and this number is increasing over time. 

Well, these 10 million business cards are not being printed to be dumped in the junkyard, they are being printed because they offer some sort of benefits. So, instead of just using your social media profile as an identification that can be passed on, you should start using business cards as marketing cards for your firm. 

But when you dive deeper into the world of business cards, you find that they are much more than just a medium to pass on your personal information. Business cards play a vital role for your business at large as well. You will be surprised to know that for every 2,000 business cards that you pass out, you get an increase of 2.5% in your sales. 

The power of physical marketing 

One of the best things about any type of print media like business cards being used as marketing cards is they are physical. These print media options are something tangible that the customer can hold and feel and they can even be shared with friends and family members. 

We are living in an era where every day, we get bombarded with a long list of digital messages and in such a case, a physical card containing personal information about your profession can surely stand out from the crowd. 

So, it doesn’t matter how many digital marketing campaigns you have or how much you have spent on digital marketing tools, never forget to use business cards as marketing cards for your career, for your business, and for yourself. Nevertheless, you cannot ignore the potential of a digital marketing campaign, based on the figures generated by a software that measures key business metrics & indicators. One such visual representation tool is a comprehensive marketing analytics dashboard developed by a specialist firm like “Marketing Reports” that helps identify the potential growth areas. Thus, it is not difficult to understand how digital promotion works alongside physical marketing.

The uniqueness of first impression 

Just because business cards offer a long list of benefits, it does not mean that the quality, content, design, and format of the business card won’t matter. There are many tips that you can use for making the right kind of first impression the next time you hand out your business card to a professional or a customer. 

According to a study, it has been found that more than 72% of people will hold a colorful and well-designed business card 10 times longer than a standard white card. Color enhances the impact of engagement on a person’s basic ability to follow simple directions and that’s why colorful business cards always work best for the first impression. 

This also shows us that many people are going to judge the quality of your product or services on the basis of your business card. This is one of the main reasons why you should never take business cards lightly and consider them just as a formality that every business fulfills while commencing a business. 

Business cards hold a lot of importance even in the digital world and this simply means that you should devote both time and effort to design an impeccable business card. You should also focus on choosing the right kind of printing service as such companies play a crucial role in the quality of your business card. 

Even in the digital era, where people are being inundated with digital messages, business cards can be used to stand out from the crowd. In addition to playing a key role in the success of the firm, business cards also help in growing your career and making more people aware of your skills and job position.