Creating and distributing flyers has been a time-tested marketing strategy since the beginning of trade. Flyers continue to be a significant part of advertising strategies, even though advertising has shifted a lot into digital marketing. Flyer advertising is still important due to its multiple benefits for small businesses.

When businesses want to advertise new products, or services, their physical location, or shocking fire sales, flyers can deliver great results. Due to their low production costs and strong effectiveness at attracting new clients, Rona, a home improvement company uses flyers to show its offers on products. 

Some may question whether we need to invest in business flyers in today’s age, where most marketing is done online. However, flyers can assist small businesses in creating brand awareness, increasing their consumer base and reach. Rona flyers in Canada is the best example of flyer advertising. Let us know the top reasons why small businesses use flyers in their advertising strategy. 

Create Brand Awareness

Flyer advertising helps new businesses reach potential customers and create brand awareness. Flyers help you increase your reach and attract new customers to your business. The customers also come to know about the various offers and discounts available at stores. Customers can visit a store before when the best offers and deals are available. 

Grabs attention easily

Flyers are interactive and extremely attention-grabbing, which makes them highly effective for advertising. Its focused design, vivid colors, and large headlines can grab attention. Rona in Canada makes use of flyers to attract potential customers. 

Additionally, adding customized text can make flyers more engaging. Let’s say you want to hand out promotional fliers in a particular area. You can add the address of the branch nearest to the area where you distribute the flyers. By doing this, you can increase traffic to your store and conversion rates.

Flyers are tangible

Flyers are tangible pieces of paper, people can see, touch and feel. They offer a physical presence to customers. People tend to remember the stores when they have a marketing material in their hands they can read, touch and feel. 

Perfect for store opening

When a company opens a new store, they should try to get local customers to visit their store. Flyers can do this job perfectly as they are easy to distribute in streets, vehicles and housing colonies. Flyers helps stores to get their first local customers in an area. 


A flyer marketing approach is best for startups and small businesses looking for a low-cost marketing strategy to promote their brand and boost sales. Creating flyers doesn’t take much time, effort, or money. But they can easily outperform other marketing techniques in terms of results. Rona in Canada advertises its home improvement products using flyers advertising at an affordable cost. 

Put them anywhere

Do you want to know what else is fantastic about flyers? The understated truth is that you can fit it almost anywhere! The adaptable size may be simply tucked into newspaper and magazine pages, inside mailboxes, car windshields fit in pockets, slide under doors, put on lamp posts, tucked within the packaging of your goods, etc. Rona flyer is a great example of flyer advertising. 

Effective for events

Flyers are highly effective for distribution in events where you can hand over your flyers to all the attendees. Even if an event is small, you can find sufficient people to promote your brand in the event through flyers. Many business use flyers in events to reach the maximum number of people in a few hours without spending tons of money.

No need of internet

People can access flyers from anywhere because they are not technology-dependent. You may advertise products, services, or events by handing out your flyers at locations without internet services.

Summing Up

Flyers can prove to be a highly effective way of marketing. Start-ups and small businesses have low budgets, and flyers are a low-cost alternative to digital marketing techniques. Flyers are also highly useful for customers to find discounts and offer at local stores and enjoy a great shopping experience every week.