For gaming, every small piece of hardware matters, which is why you cannot compromise on this part. The most important hardware you would need for gaming with a PC is a keyboard, not any ordinary keyboard but a fully programmable, compatible, and high-performance keyboard that will help you win the race. 

Unfortunately, such hardware does not come easy in price; hence not every gamer can afford it. Some gamers prefer style over performance; in either case, you must make an informed decision before buying any keyboard for gaming. 

There are different keyboards in the market: Mechanical, Membrane or Rubber dome, a dome switch, scissor-switch, etc. But there is no better keyboard for gaming; hence this article will focus on the mechanical keyboard aspects and why it is best for gaming. 

What is a mechanical keyboard? 

To know why it is better, you must first understand a mechanical keyboard. A mechanical keyboard is a type that is widely used since the 80s but with better functionality and sturdiness. 

The mechanical keyboard uses plastic key switches for each dedicated keycap that registers for each click. These keyboards are different from membrane keyboards as membrane keyboards have rubber dome switches that give a mushy feel. Still, mechanical keyboards have plastic switches that make every press audible with a tactile feel. 

Additionally, they are available in different sizes and you get to choose the size based on your needs. For instance, if you want to save a bit of space, then consider purchasing a mini keyboard for gaming.

Are Mechanical keyboards good for gaming?

Mechanical keyboards are popular for their excellent performance traits; for that reason, people wonder if it’s also good for gaming. Some experts and game enthusiasts claim mechanical keyboards are much more durable and efficient than membrane keyboards for multiple reasons. One reason is that membrane domes, or rubber-based switches, are prone to slip that, cause typos or press wrong commands. 

On the other hand, mechanical keyboards have well-established plastic key switches and are slip-resistant, which helps in fast gaming or typing. The second reason why mechanical keyboards are perfect for gaming is hidden in their accuracy. You will get an instant response rate on the screen with each press. However, some people dislike the clicky sound these keyboards produce. If you are among them, checkout this website.

Factors that enhance the gaming experience with a mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are excellent for gaming due to rapid response time, longevity, customization options, smooth performance, N-key rollover, etc. There are so many exciting features in mechanical keyboards that greatly help FPS gaming. 

Some of the features are; 

  •  Programmable keys 

Mechanical keyboards become 2x times better when they offer features of programmable keys. Programmable keys enable you to set the shortcuts or commands of your choice; you can also turn these keys into combination keys that you frequently use while gaming. Thus, wherever you go shopping for mechanical keyboards, always ensure it has a certain set of programmable keys to enhance your productivity while gaming. Additionally, there are some mini keyboards for gaming that 

  • Durability 

Mechanical keyboards have had a reputation since the 80s for offering incredible durability. Modern mechanical keyboards are even better as they are now designed with advanced, tough materials and high-quality plastic key switches responsible for each keystroke. Overall, the build and the plastic make a pretty good combination for durability. Durability also depends on the number of keystrokes you get for each keyboard; the average number of keystrokes you get with a mechanical keyboard is 50 million. Still, there is some well-known brand such as Cherry MX that exceed 100 million keystrokes which indicates you can use the keyboard for years without experiencing any drop-in gaming performance. 

  • N-Key Rollover 

This is a special feature that not all mechanical keyboards have. But if you are a serious gamer, you must consider having this feature in your mechanical keyboard. Has it ever happened to you that you have pressed two keys at a time, but only one was registered? 

This problem can be solved if you have N-keys. 

Say if you have 5 N-key rollovers, then it means you can press 5 keys simultaneously, and all the keys will be registered. Hence, having this feature in the mechanical keyboard is useful for an enjoyable gaming experience. 

  • Fast response time 

Mechanical keyboards are better when it comes to offering the highest response time. Response time is between the key pressed and it getting registered by the system. Some low-profile mechanical keyboards offer milliseconds of difference between the presses because they have optical switches that act faster and register themselves immediately in the system. 

  • Ergonomics 

Ergonomics in a mechanical keyboard pretty much decides the level of comfort you will have while gaming. Gaming for long hours would be painful for your arms. Thus, many mechanical keyboards come with armrests that reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions. In addition, there are multiple customization options for changing the key positions, RGB lighting mode, in-game profile change, etc. 

These factors contribute to giving a fun experience while gaming with mechanical keyboards. So, make sure to have these options in your mechanical keyboard. 


Well, now that you’ve understood why mechanical keyboards are better for gaming, it’s time to buy one. Be sure your keyboard has multiple features for comfortable gaming, including RGB N-Key rollover. There are multiple mechanical keyboards available in the market and so it is crucial to do the legwork before grabbing the best.