E-Commerce brands and businesses have been adopting various marketing strategies to promote and advertise their products and services. 

While exploring the marketing strategies, one of the most powerful strategies to promote their products was displaying the Content created by the existing customers of the brand and sharing their experiences with the products. 

This explains the reason why shoppers and eCommerce brands largely utilize visual platforms like Instagram. 

Surveys suggest that more than 85% of shoppers use social media for inspiration related to shopping. 

If you have not yet utilized User-Generated Content, then this blog shall surely motivate you to use this incredible marketing strategy for your business! 

What Is Shoppable User-Generated Content & Why Is It Important For Your E-Commerce Brand?

Think for a second that you recently received a dress from a brand in your courier. You liked it to the extent that you opened the camera of your phone, clicked a picture, and posted it on your social media while tagging the brand along with a caption praising the quality and style of the dress.

This Content created by you is User-Generated Content, and it is of extremely high value for the tagged brand. 

User-Generated Content, also termed User Created Content is the Content created by the existing customers/users of a brand. It can be in either form like a photo, video, review, gif, etc. 

The authenticity and genuineness of User-Generated Content make it the most powerful and result-driven form of content marketing. 

Many studies show that more than 50% of customers trust the images created and posted by the users much more than any other form of Content or marketing. 

Since shoppable UGC is more relatable and raw than the edited and polished Content created by the brands, most of your customers would engage and relate more with your brand once you start utilizing User-Generated Content. 

Reasons Why Every E-Commerce Brand Must utilize Shoppable UGC

Gives An Extra Push To Customers To Purchase The Products 

Consider this: If you are completely new to a brand, you would be apprehensive about purchasing a product from the brand until you come across a post from one of your acquaintances who is praising the brand and the products. Then, you will instantly feel comfortable and be compelled to purchase the product.

Similar is the case with your potential customers. Even though they might be confused about purchasing a product, however, after reading reviews from your existing customers, they may feel the need to go ahead and make a purchase. 

Shoppable User-Generated Content Adds Credibility  

The best thing about User-Generated Content is that it is genuine and authentic and not sponsored and paid. The content is created by your valuable and loyal customers who adore your brand and love your products. 

When your potential customers see the Content created by your users, they instantly connect with them even though they might not know them personally since they too have the same behavior. This is the main reason why shoppable User-Generated Content is much more credible than any other marketing strategy. 

Shoppable UGC Offers An Authentic Shopping Experience 

Authenticity is the synonym of User-Generated Content since the Content created and displayed is by regular customers and not by professional models or actors. The users express their thoughts and experiences about the brand in an unscripted way. 

You need to understand that your shoppers are smart and would not fall for the properly staged and planned commercials every time. Instead, they are looking for authenticity that will influence their buying decisions. 

However, as a brand, you need to be careful about the quality of the Content. While most users create high-quality Content and use good-quality pictures and videos to generate awareness about your brand and products, many users on social media compromise on the quality of content, which may hamper the image of your brand. 

Hence, we highly recommend you check the quality of the Content and use valuable and premium Content. 

A Humanized Approach To Marketing

Using Shoppable User-Generated Content, you can easily create a link between your brand and your customers on a personal level.

The potential customers get reassured before purchasing since they relate to the experiences, expectations, and doubts shared by the existing customers and are more satisfied with the product. 

Closing Address

And we have reached the conclusion section of the blog, and we are sure you must be fully motivated to utilize shoppable UGC as a marketing strategy to promote your eCommerce brand. 

The mentioned incredible benefits of Shoppable User-Generated Content simply cannot be ignored by brands since UGC is ultimately the future of marketing and, when utilized strategically, can be highly beneficial for the brands and drive more profits!

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