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COD: Modern Warfare 3 is an awaited FPS (first-person shooter) video game that Sledgehammer Games has developed, and it was published by Activision. This game is regarded as the 20th game in the series of Call of Duty and the 3rd entry in the rebooted sub-series of Modern Warfare. Hence, it is also regarded as the sequel to Modern Warfare 2. Players can play this game on platforms like PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. 

Beat other players

Players come across lots of players worldwide who play MW 3; hence, this game emerges as successful in continuing the bequest of proposing an action-packed gaming experience. As this is a hugely competitive world, only players who can make ideal strategies emerge as winners. The best hacks and mw 3 cheat providers offer every player the tools they need to dominate the battlefield of Modern Warfare III with many cheats and hacks. Therefore, you should rely on these providers to get the best MW3 cheats for PCs. 

What is unique about MW3?

The very first thing is Modern Warfare III would be created on the foundations of Modern Warfare II. Hence, players will find the general gameplay experience of this game to be similar to MW 2. The fortunate thing is Activision offers some remarkable improvements to this game’s supporting systems, like the Gunsmith and Perks, while including a huge assortment of novice weapons, modes, and maps. Now, if the gaming community receives these updates well, Modern Warfare III will emerge as one of the finest competitive first-person shooter games in the present time. 

The great news for players is that they will get all their Operators, camos, bought bundles, and weapons to be carried forward into the multiplayer of Modern Warfare III. It means the list features of Modern Warfare III weapons and guns will include a big arsenal from the earlier entry, besides many new ones.

Some changes players will find in MW 3

While playing Modern Warfare III, players will find lots of returning features that have been forwarded from earlier games. A few things players will come across are:

  • Novice Loadout Items – Every loadout will possess the capability of including tactical vests, gloves, etc.
  • Tac-Stance – A player tilts the gun sideways so that he can sacrifice accuracy for both handling and mobility, and players can toggle it within minutes.
  • Map Voting – A player can vote on the map that he can play next, and this feature wasn’t present in MW 2.
  • After-Market Parts – After-Market Parts is a fresh customization choice for weapons, and a player uses these parts for altering their styles of gameplay using their weapons, like changing their machine guns into bullpup-styles.
  • Perks – Players will find the activation of all perks at the beginning of a match only. Contrarily, when they played Modern Warfare II, they found them to be activated slowly all through the match.
  • Minimap – While playing Modern Warfare III, players will find a classic minimap system, where they will be able to see red player dots on the radar when an unsuppressed weapon gets fired.
  • The health of players – The health pool of a player has been escalated to 150. Hence, it will allow a lengthier time to kill.

The gameplay

If you observe the multiplayer gameplay of Modern Warfare III, you will find it to be pretty much faster compared to other games the series comprises. The notable thing is MW 3 promises to follow the appeals of countless players, and they will find lots of anticipated tweaks as well as features. Though not every aspect of this game has been revealed, players can assume that this game will not fail to please the players. 

Some features you will find in Modern Warfare III

Players always hunt for novice features, and they will not be disheartened by the features that Modern Warfare III has. Some notable ones are:


Players will find zombies to be making their appearance in the series of MW. They will participate in a massive open-world map that has lots of zombies, and they will continue to increase in strength. With the help of maps, easter eggs, and references, Sledgehammer could propose the finest Zombies mode.

The maps of Modern Warfare II

To cater to the demands of fans, Modern Warfare III has sixteen classic maps, and they range from Rust, Skidrow, Highrise, etc. All the maps have been remastered so that they fit well into a modern-style experience.

Health increase

While playing MW 3, players will find their level of health to have augmented to 150. Hence, it can be said that this game is looking forward to addressing many issues to please fans. If you wish to enjoy a challenging experience, you will find the Hardcore mode to be your preferred choice.

Key takeaways

As Modern Warfare III will be released, you will find some novice features in this game. All the sixteen multiplayer maps from MW II have been rationalized with fresh modes. Some multiplayer modes of MW III comprise returning modern favorites, such as Hardpoint. Again, players will also find some fresh modes like Cutthroat, and it will pit three teams against one another.