Luxury aura in design and powerful engine is more than enough to make people look for the 2021 Mazda CX-5. Other aspects of this vehicle are also impressive enough to make one purchase this car on the spot. However, before you get it when in Riverside Mazda dealership, know few aspects of this automobile so that you know what you’re buying.

What engine powers Mazda CX-5?

Its base option is a four-cylinder 187-hp engine that provides proficient throttle response. However, on a highway it might feel underpowered sometimes. This changes, if a person chooses to drive turbocharged version optional engine that has an output of 250-hp. Quick acceleration, outstanding handling, comfortable ride quality, and more is offered by this turbocharged engine and is why most people opt for it.

Each engine is mated with automatic transmission (6-speed)and comes in AWD or FWD drivetrain. Its excellence driving aspect makes this one of the best car that helps in enjoying the smooth driving experience that it has the capability to provide. Precise steering as well as its composure during cornering is what enhances the satisfaction of driving.

An aspect of this vehicle which is quite underrated when talking about its features is its suspension system. It is highly remarkable due to the fact that it offers completely smooth ride on rough roads. Such ride quality is not available in most SUVs which are priced much higher than this vehicle. Balanced damping, minimum noise from road enters cabin, isolation of pavement flaws, etc. puts this car much ahead of its competitors.

Electric powered steering offers satiating response along with a strong braking system that gives drivers confidence to drive it to their heart’s content. If reading all these interests you even a little bit, then you should talk to Mazda dealer Riverside immediately to check out this beast.

Affordable pricing

The pricing of this vehicle is quite shocking when compared to its competitors and features it offers along with how excellent this vehicle is. The base model starts from $26,550 (Sport). Other models include Touring, Carbon Edition, Grand Touring, etc. The one you need for yourself is the Signature ($38,700) or Grand Touring Reserve ($36,580) variants. These not only offers superior driving experience but also offers a luxurious feeling due to the amazing upscale interior it comes with.


Fluid and mesmerizing sculpting of the exterior body makes people go in a state of awe. From its front grille structure to powerful headlights and outstanding taillight design this car has it all. Also, the interior is created with upscale materials, which will give a person to wonder whether he/she is sitting inside a Mazda CX-5 or higher end models of Mercedes or Audi.

If you are searching for a compact crossover, then no other vehicle will be a better option than the 2021 Mazda CX-5. It is one of the best vehicles that you can buy in present time. Be it the engine power, ride quality, comfort, design, superior features, and more; no other vehicle should be in your list other than this!