Microsoft has offered more information about the features for Windows Server 2022. “Windows Server 2022, Best on Azure” will be available on demand. Its live presentation includes demos plus along with some Q&A. It also includes news about the new server’s patching, security, management features, and various product editions.

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RTM Status

Windows Server 2022 is at a release-to-manufacturing stage (RTM) stage, which means it will be finished and soon be given to hardware manufacturers for integration purposes. Microsoft Evaluation Center preview with RTM issue was announced on June 1. However, in March, Microsoft announced its preview of a new server for testing purposes on Azure virtual machines (VMs).

Commercial Release, its Editions and Installation Options

Windows Server 2022 products will be commercially released this year. Microsoft’s latest application server products, including SharePoint Server 2022 and Exchange Server 2022, will be introduced after Windows Server 2022’s “general availability” and commercial release.

Windows Server 2022 has a Standard edition, which is the Datacenter edition, and a Datacenter Azure edition. In addition, it includes a key new feature known as “Azure Automanage” with a “hot patch” capability essential for having the Datacenter Azure edition.

In addition to this, Microsoft plans to release a special Datacenter Azure edition of Windows Server 2022, specifically for Azure subscribers depending upon Azure VMs. It is especially for organizations utilizing Azure Stack HCI and Microsoft’s hyper-converged infrastructure to install everything at the customer’s premises. Moreover, Azure Stack HCI requires server hardware which is built using Microsoft’s hardware partners.

Windows Server 2022 products include both Desktop and Core installation options for all the editions. Core has a headless low-footprint installation choice which is ideal for remote management as well as automation purposes. Hence, the desktop option connects the server using a graphical user interface, which is traditional and considered problematic for several organizations interested in large-scale automation.

Hence it will be convenient to perform an in-place upgradation from the present Windows Server 2019 Datacenter product to the latest Windows Server 2022 Datacenter Azure product. Consequently, Microsoft has not yet released the specific media to carry it out. An in-place upgradation substitutes an operating system’s bits with the latest ones. Hence IT professionals do not have to wipe the previous OS and install it clean afterward. So the upgrades are seen as time savers.

Azure Automanage and hotpatch

Azure Automanage is a service specifically for automating management tasks, which includes patching with the hotpatch capability. In addition, Windows and Linux VMs are hosted on Microsoft Azure datacenter infrastructure, which is managed with Azure Automanage.

The Datacenter Azure edition is essentially required to use the Azure Automanage as well as hotpatch solutions. In addition to this, the Azure Edition will be supported only on Azure (which is either Azure Stack HCI or Azure IaaS). It is possible to utilize Azure Automanage with both new and existing Windows Server. Azure Automanage handles aspects such as security in the best possible way.

The hotpatch capability allows the IT professionals to apply security updates without any rebooting. Hence it reduces the downtime for the applications as well as services. Updates taking minutes to load will only take seconds. Workloads do not get disrupted while using the hotpatch feature since it is stored in the memory.

Server Message Block over QUIC

The Server Message Block (SMB) over QUIC feature was not mentioned initially. However, it is now on the server side since it is available in Windows 10 as well as the Microsoft Edge browser.

Windows Server 2022 will include SMB v1. Moreover, Windows Server, as well as Azure Files service, performs as a virtual private network replacement. Hence it depends on the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) as well as Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 protocols. It has an effect to make the Internet traffic always stay encrypted.

You can use SMB over QUIC safely over the Internet or safely over untrusted networks. You can even use it inside your own network. SMB over QUIC has the potential to open many scenarios for file services. It permits secure connections, especially for mobile users as well as telecommuters.

SMB Compression

Windows Server 2022 provides SMB compression capacity for optionally compressing files to speed up file transfers. For example, SMB compression can usually handle a 20GB file during robocop operation. Hence with SMB compression switched on, compression time reduces to around 30 seconds. Such compression benefits extend to several end users opening a file and sharing it through Windows Explorer.

Microsoft uses the same secured-core principles for its server as well as client products. It has collaborated with original equipment manufacturers for partnering and adding those competencies to Windows Server 2022. Such secured-core machines are essential for Trusted Platform Module 2.0 chips to get the security protections. In addition, Window webhosting Admin Center is remotely managed for certificates, deploying containers, and tracking server performance. It also has several secured-core tabs for showing those features.

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