Need Of Renovation

Everybody enjoys a good bath after a long day, and whether you’re the type that prefers soaking in the bathtub surrounded by candles or a hot steamy shower to calm your nerves down to the core, we all share a unique bond with bathtime. As a result, your bathroom is the last place you would ever want to feel cramped when inside because you don’t want to feel restricted or uncomfortable when you’re getting ready for bed or starting your day strong.

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Luckily enough, with all the home renovation craze still going strong today, we believe now’s the best chance to break the ice and help people reclaim their bathtimes and get the most out of their bathrooms regardless of the size. And before you double-back on following through with a bathroom renovation, please give these fixes and general improvements a chance first to grasp what you’re missing out on if you choose otherwise.

#1 Play Around With Your Tiles And Textures

Sometimes, the one thing holding a bathroom back is the general vibe taken from the room’s aesthetic, and even if the bathroom itself is pretty spacious, you still end up feeling confined inside because the colors and contrasts just make it seem like a tight squeeze. So, if you think your bathroom falls under the same problem, we recommend you play around with the textures and select different tile designs

You see, while it may sound crazy to believe that changing some tiles around will make a space bigger, it’s all about perception, depth, and how the different design elements play off each other to make the space come as a whole. For example, you could try an off-accent wall emphasized with unique tiling art or maybe even get rid of the tiling that makes your tub look blocky for something more contemporary.

#2 Switch Up The Furniture And Fixtures

In addition to tiling solutions and design changes, an excellent way to get more space from your bathroom is by switching up the furniture and fixtures, particularly their placements and positions with regard to each other. Sure, the previous layout may have worked wonders for you before, but we can guarantee that you’ve already spotted a few errors that you just can’t get behind and badly want to fix.

For example, switching the places of the bathtub to be the first impression upon entering the having the shower hug the corner instead will feel a lot more ergonomic and comfortable to use than your previous layout. Plus, even moving a few inches from the toilet or changing up where the windows are placed adjacent to the mirrors can make the space come alive and bring back the relaxation to bathtime.

#3 Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanities

Last but not least, if you’ve been working with the same sink and mirror combo for your bathroom vanities, then we strongly suggest upgrading the entire thing and scrapping everything else that’s outdated and outlived its use. Of course, feel free to upcycle and use whatever vanities still work and could be recycled in a different part of the home, but nine times out of ten, buying something new is always better for a room that sees a lot of use and exposure to moisture.

One clever way of making your vanity area pop is by adding an extra mirror to dedicate a space for you and your spouse and maybe adding backlighting to your tapware to give some drop shadow. Soon enough, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable testing out Ariana’s new makeup line with all that extra space and storage you have to keep your personals safe and at an arm’s reach.

However, Watch Out For These Bathroom Renovation Traps

Likewise, despite how fun a bathroom renovation may sound on paper, there’s plenty of bathroom renovation traps you could run into when trying to get more space that will create more problems than it solves. And, namely, we recommend that you watch out for (1) overspending on your project’s budget and (2) mistakenly prioritizing cosmetic upgrades over functional fixes to your bathroom space. 

  • Keep A Close Eye On Your Budget: When talking costs and prices, bathrooms are just as bad as kitchen makeovers because there’s plenty that can go wrong and will need fixing if you overstep in the slightest. For example, tiling solutions don’t come cheap, so trading in your old design will require quite the investment, and that’s not mentioning the price of a matching vanity unit just yet.
  • Functional Upgrades Beat Any Cosmetic Fix: Apart from money matters and budget issues, some people can get carried away by making the space look and feel more spacious but overlook the more functional investments they should prioritize first. As a result, you’ll end up calling emergency plumber services more often than you’d like when you could’ve hired a plumbing contractor before anything else.

Don’t Just Sleep Like Royalty, Bathe Like One Too!

Overall, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy their bathtime and not feel held back when inside their bathrooms. So, feel free to mix and match the tips that best suit your bathroom situation, and don’t forget to share with your friends because they have the right to enjoy bathtime just as much as you!Meta title: Making The Most Out Of Small Bathroom Space
meta desc: Nobody enjoys rooms that are a tight squeeze, especially when it’s the one room where you unwind and take a bath. Learn how to get more space out of your bathroom with a few fixes.