10 Stunning blue area rugs for sale in 2021

If you are good at color selection, it will be fun to select the best rug colors. Best rugs for sale are available in online stores. Undoubtedly proper knowledge about colors and paints helps in making attractive interiors. A good color contrast enables you to enjoy the most appealing aesthetics. So, it’s better to make the right choice.

Unquestionably, colors have a strong impact on both mental and physical health. Most often, we get confused about colors while selecting a rug. To your knowledge, blue colors are the latest trending color. Blue is the color of skies and seas. Moreover, when it comes to rugs, it looks mesmerizing as well as breathtaking. Blue rugs are a symbol of peace and serenity. They bring not only peace but also a soothing vibe into the environment.

 Blue is also known as a summer color. If you are looking for a blue area, remember you are not making the wrong choice. In the flea market, there are many shapes and sizes of blue rugs. However, you can also get a wide variety of designs and patterns. It’s quite possible that you can get the best blue rug online. 

Usually, an ample variety of blue rugs is available for sale. In this post, we have selected the 20 best blue area rug that you can find anywhere. Moreover, you can get a clear idea of pretty blue rug for sale in 2021 

  1. Multicolor Kids Area Rug
  1. Multicolor Coastal
  1. Blue Overdyed Area Rug
  1. Multicolor Boho Chic
  1.  Neutral blue
  1. Antique  Bokhara 
  1.  Ziegler Blue rug
  1. Blue wool & silk rug
  1. Navy Ziegler area rug
  1. Blue Gabbeh area rug

1- Multicolor Kids Area Rug

For adding excitement and joy to your kid’s room, opt this rug. These rugs are for sale and available in the rug store. This is an adorable yet funky area rug. Usually, it has a soft texture and provides a comfortable walk. Furthermore, these rugs are recommended for kid’s rooms and playrooms. Kids’ rugs are usually made of polyester. It is a stain-resistant material. You can add a stylish and eye-catching look with this multicolor rug.

2- Multicolor Coastal

 If you are a vacation lover or a water freak, you can get these colors easily. These colors are usually coastal colors with oceanic designs. Moreover, it gives an oceanic feeling. Moreover, these rugs with multiple coastal colors are made with wool. They usually have programmed rugs. These amazing rugs are usually for sale at discounted rates.

3- Blue Overdyed Area Rug

Overdyed blue usually owns a vibrant feel. This is an antique yet a great color. These rugs usually have a wool texture. Rug with overdyed blue is mainly dyed with blue and other natural materials. Due to dyeing, there is no chance of color bleeding. Generally, these rugs are available for sale at high prices. Moreover, you can add a luxurious look with these adorable rugs.

4- Multicolor Boho Chic

Colorful rugs for sale are available at various rug stores. Moreover, you can easily attain this unique boho-chic in Turkish patterns. This is a beige color with a richness of red and blue. This rug is not only soft but also highly durable. Rugs with boho-chic are usually machine-made. Furthermore construction material is polypropylene. This material is not difficult to clean, so it’s a good choice for indoor and outdoor locations.

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  5- Neutral Blue 

Perhaps, neutral blue area rugs are sophisticated. These are available in wool material for sale. Rugs with unique grid patterns add a fashionable tone to your place. Neutral blue color rugs need no heavy upkeep. Instead of deep clean, simple evaporation is enough to eradicate odors.

6- Antique Bokhara 

Blue Bokhara is one of the attractive choices. These rugs are mainly produced in New Zealand. This is, in fact, a hand-tufted rug mainly for indoors. You can buy this rug for dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and all in between. They provide a relaxing yet most elegant look.

7- Ziegler  Blue rug

These rugs usually have an interesting floral pattern. They have ornate borders. Moreover, golden colors are the real appeal. These rugs are usually hand-tufted. Anyhow this rug is composed of pure wool. Last but not least, these rugs usually make your home clutter-free with exceptional durability and softens.

8- Blue wool & silk rug

Wool and silk are a perfect combination with blue color. They are soft, durable, and lustrous. These rugs are usually hand-tufted. For this delicate rug, adding a rug pad is the best option. However, you cannot find these rugs for sale in small rug stores. This is hard to find. Moreover, all the elements are unique and own an effective shade. So in a rug store, finding this rug is a tough job. 

9- Navy Ziegler area rug

As the name indicates, these rugs have a traditional Ziegler design.  You can add this rug to living rooms, offices, and hotels. Moreover, the material is highly durable, and it can last for decades. There is not any need to replace or remove the rug after a short while.

10- Blue Gabbeh area rug

This rug is one of the best choices to uplift your mood. It is a combination of light and steel blue color. Moreover, they follow a handmade construction. These rugs are delicate, but you can increase the lifespan by adding a rug pad. However, they are best at making the environment cozy and relaxing.


Undoubtedly it is a symbol of peace as well as reliability. The blue color makes the interior decoration more appealing and likable. Furthermore, blue rugs are Oriental Weavers Rugs and non-threading. It has a strong influence on your mood. Unquestionably blue is a perfect color. 

You are always in dire need of buying a soft rug for sale. Bright and soothing colors are the indicators of love, energy, and optimism. Therefore it is vital to understand the vibes you want to get. Either you are going to a shop or looking for an online rug available for sale, choose wisely. Last but not least, with a right rug you can make your place more peaceful and calm. 

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