Once we live out the initial till middle decades of life full of work and hustle, retirement brings room for extended leisure. Free of busy and anxious routines, it is a time for us to relax and unwind. Again, with the older years of life comes the need for increased security and assurance of comfort. Retirement houses are a great choice for elderly people who want to spend those delicate years in peace and relaxation. They provide accommodations comfortable for the elderly, along with a relaxing environment. Moreover, the regular domestic duties are taken care of by staff so that no physical exertion is demanded. Leisure activities and community life that are essential needs of the later years of life are also provided for. Most importantly, they provide security in times of emergency. This lets retired people achieve an active lifestyle and independent living without worries or loneliness.

Why choose retirement houses in the later decades of life?

Retirement houses are specially designed for elderly people past their busy years and are now in need of a serene environment and lifestyle. However, with retirement also comes boredom and loneliness. So, these institutions also create an environment where creative leisurely activities are cultivated. At the same time, there is also a sense of community as many retired people come together to make a meaningful life out of their leisure. All these factors together contribute to alleviating loneliness, giving purpose to leisure, and ensuring security for the elderly. Let us evaluate some of the reasons why retirement houses are a great choice:

  1. Assistance in Chores- Assisted living quarters are assigned to each resident where all things are taken care of. Domestic help, food, housekeeping, and other requirements are all taken care of by the staff. These let the residents enjoy a relaxed life
  2. Refreshing Environment- These residential areas are usually located in quiet, serene environments with gardens and greenery. Balconies, viewing areas and sitting rooms with views let residents enjoy serene leisure. Morning walks and evening walks can also be taken amid the fresh greenery and serene surroundings. Quality institutions may even have amenities like game rooms, libraries, pools, spas, salons, and others. Thus, life here is peaceful, comfortable, and even entertaining. 
  3. Recreational Activities- Many houses for retired groups conduct various recreational activities. Anyone can put their creativity and skill to use in various kinds of activities. This leads to better engagement of their leisure. Residents can discover new skills in the process or revisit old ones. A sense of community and fellowship also develops as hobbies are shared among companions. Thus, loneliness associated with old age does not make an appearance, and boredom is reduced. Residents enjoying recreational activities together develop a sense of connectedness with each other. Here are some of the recreations that are practiced:
  • Art classes
  • Poetry Appreciation
  • Meditation
  • Happy hour
  • Billiards and Darts competition
  • Card games
  • Movies
  • Craft Group
  • Dance Group
  • Gardening group
  • Exercise sessions
  • Walking sessions
  • Theatre outings
  • Library activities
  • Guest speaker sessions
  • Barbeques and regular catered events
  • Choir sessions 

These and a host of other activities keep the residents engaged and help to maintain an active lifestyle.

  1. Easy Availability of Healthcare Facilities- Healthcare requirements are efficiently managed. Visits by healthcare practitioners are arranged regularly. Exercise sessions and gym activities may also be arranged for residents to keep fit. In case of emergency, arrangements for treatment are also made. Onsite nursing staff and personal care assistants take care of the residents’ medical requirements. Various allied health services are offered and health conditions are constantly monitored. This lets the residents live worry-free.
  2. Security and Emergency Assistance- The most important concern for elderly people living alone is that of overall security and prompt gathering of resources in case of emergency. Protection from domestic accidents, external calamities, theft, etc. becomes difficult for elderly residents. However, these institutions provide good overall security from these hazards with added CCTV surveillance. 24-hour nursing services are also available to take care of the residents in case of minor problems or accidents. Prompt transfer to hospitals during medical emergencies is also ensured. 


Life for the elderly is quite difficult, as they require constant mental and physical support. Security from hazards and prompt help during emergencies are also essential. Rather than living alone, being a resident of a retirement house helps to achieve independence due to increased security. Recreational activities performed along with fellow residents also help in developing lasting bonds with each other and promote an active lifestyle.