Managing your finances has become one of the most discussed topics in books, videos and podcasts. Everybody wants to be financially independent and having a credit card is your first step towards the goal. What many people do not realise is that a credit card is like a double-edged sword. If used wisely, it can help you immensely, but unplanned usage can pile up your debt.

Credit Card Tips

Let us learn about some tips that will help you while using your credit card in India wisely and efficiently.

  1. Download the mobile app: if you are using a credit card, the first step is downloading the mobile app. This will help in knowing how to get a credit card but can be of great help to keep track of your payments.
  2. Set a Budget: Only because you have a limit does not mean you have to spend. Set a monthly budget to the amount you want to spend on your credit card. By the end of the month, you will know whether you have adhered to the budget.
  3. Check Your Purchases: Keep a check on all your purchases, and once you have reached your set budget, do not spend more from your card until you have repaid the outstanding debt.
  4. Set Automatic Payment: To avoid non-payment or late payment of credit card, and then incurring extra interest, ensure to set your card on automatic payment. It will help you in making timely payments.
  5. Do not use the full limit of credit card: Credit Utilisation matters in your credit score. Using up your credit limit’s full capacity may reduce your credit score, thus impacting any future credit that you may apply for.
  6. Pay full amount each month: While repaying the credit card, two options are provided to do full payment or minimum amount. Ensure that you are making the full payment, as the pending one may cost you heavy interest.
  7. Redeem the rewards: Understand your credit card’s reward mechanism and make the most of it.
  8. Check your statement from time to time: Each month you receive a credit card statement with all your expenses. Do not avoid it and check if no extra expenses are added.
  9. Know the fees: Before you get a credit card, do not forget the yearly fees being charged on the card and check how you can avoid the fees. Most companies cap the expense limit to free you of the credit card fee.
  10. Use the extra perks: Apart from regular rewards, some companies also offer extra perks like shopping coupons or travel offers. Make sure that you do not forget to use these perks and enjoy the benefits. You can check for the extra perks by logging into your account or call the customer care.


These are some tips that will help you in making credit a friend and not a foe. Ensure that you use the card for your benefit and do not overspend from it. If you have been trying but aren’t eligible to get credit due to no credit history, you can also consider neobanks like Zolve that provide credit card for immigrants and international students with no credit history.