American International School Dubai

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the students, teacher and parents. Also changed the lives of millions in a few months all around the world. Many country’s governors issued stay-at-home orders, this order not only for limited travel and non-essential businesses, but also closed the school and institutions especially. So, Covid-19 pandemic made a sudden impact on many areas of life like leisure time, work and family activities. These changes have also affected the educational processes in an informal and formal learning environment. Public institutions like schools, universities, childcare settings, and further learning providers ceased onsite teaching and moved to a distance learning method or closed completely.

Cultural activities:

In the same way, every organization that used to offer sports and cultural activities had to shut down. And the sudden lock-down required the fast adjustment on the behalf of stakeholders while learning and teaching settings changed substantially. Even after lock-down, the conditions have been lifted in many countries’ fundamental changes. These changes vary day-to-day reality of learning and teaching, home and work life remain in the absence of a cure or vaccine. So, 2020-2021 are difficult years and these sudden changes have taken a toll on families, schools, institutions and society in general. Many parents had to work from home and take care of their children and work as home tutors.

New educational strategies for digital teaching:

Students for all age groups from early childhood to further education have to move from traditional in-class settings to a different form of distance education and develop the methods to stay in touch with students and parents. Often, this has needed to adopt new educational strategies for digital teaching, which is still an emerging phenomenon in many learning settings. For students, a lack of structured in-class learning setting may have required more self-motivation and self-regulation to learn with minimum support. Furthermore, as many countries have to reopen the schools and education institutions while trying to maintain social distancing, students and teachers have experienced a variety of changes in their education system within a very short period. (e.g. changes to group size, access to physical spaces or materials, and physical contact.)

Challenges of remote education:

Teachers and students alike were forced to immediately navigate the challenges of remote education; some are more successful than others. So, when things are starting to get back to normal in many countries, parents have left to think about, what the next school year will look like and how they should prepare. Many school leaders’ debate for the solutions to uncertain atmosphere 2020-2021. Education leaders are making plans to reopen the school in the fall. But without the safety measure, the school is unpredictable for re-open.

However, many school owners are planning to reopen in the fall; some have released detailed plans regarding what that will look like.  Potential scenarios include staggering schedules where the students alternate between in-person education and remote learning. And the class size might be reduced to allow for social distancing and some specific activities might be restricted. In short, things will be very different for you and your child this year and next year. So, if you can send your child back to school then it’s your responsibility as a parent to decide what is the best option for your child. Due to pandemic, many parents are deciding on online learning for their child at least in the fall of 2020 to 2021.

Independent school:

Icademy Middle East, an American school of Dubai, which is an independent school offering a U.S curriculum, pre-K through Grade 12 with American education. This school was established in 1966 and its previous name is Jumeirah American School. American School of Dubai offers many facilities for their students, like sports facilities, running track, auditorium, libraries also. The school is governed by a Board of Trustees and there is no owner. This school won many awards for sustainability efforts in 2018-2019.

Icademy Middle East is an American International School Dubai that serves students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The school has an international programme of studies that are designed to fulfil the needs of the multinational community in the UAE. In this school girls and boys study in mixed classes from Kindergarten to grade 3, after which classes are separated according to gender. Girls High school has been relocated into a newly constructed area that also houses the computer-based examination hall.

About 3 quarters of students speak Arabic as their 1st language. The instruction is provided in both Arabic and English. Approximately 22% of the student body comes from local families, an increase from last academic year. It is a safe and orderly school, where students can learn effectively. They believe that proper regulations and guidelines regarding student’s behaviour must exist. All roles should be respected and adhered to by all parents and students alike.