Criminal Background Check

Most companies do not perform background checks. Even when they do it, they conduct a basic check that does not reveal essential information and significant discrepancies. 

The point is that background checks are not just ideal for pre-employment, and businesses should conduct background verification even for promoting employees within the organisation. 

It is also important to note that employers are liable for their employees’ action. But even if the activity cannot be attached to you, it can put a dent in your reputation and harm the relationships with the client. 

Deploy Company-Wide Rules 

Establishing company-wide regulation is crucial for conducting an effective criminal record check. For instance, the company must keep the collected information confidential. They should also sideline any bias for harmless discrepancies like past substance abuse problems, only if it does not impact their ability to conduct the job correctly.

Moreover, there are compliance measures set up by states and organisations to minimise the monopoly that employers can practice. One important compliance act is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which advocates accuracy, fairness, and privacy in the verification process. 

Gain Expertise In Various Type of Background Checks 

The current environment for steering the hiring process requires employers to check their abilities and conduct effective background checks. 

It is also important to understand the various types of verification measures that businesses can utilise. For example: 

  1. Criminal Background Checks
  2. Employment Background Checks
  3. OIG Background Checks
  4. E-Verify Background Checks
  5. Fingerprint Background Checks
  6. International Background Checks
  7. Credit Background Checks
  8. Professional License Background Checks

Seek Professional Help

Seeking advice from professional agencies can help avoid various hurdles for conducting criminal background, and they utilise a set of guidelines to steer the process. They also render customisation features, which helps tackle multiple types of checks saving time and resources. Furthermore, professional agencies have access to various organised and indexed databases, bolstering the process’s speed. 

Request For Candidate’s Consent

Employers must obtain the candidate’s consent before starting the criminal verification process. You can seek approval in writing and convey that the findings can influence your decision to onboard the individual. If they give their consent, you can ask for the personal identification information and start the process. 

Adverse Action

If you find any discrepancies in the report about the individual, you can deliberate over their eligibility for the job profile. If you reject their application, which is referred to as Adverse action, you must comply with the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and FTC guidelines. You are also required to disclose the findings in a statement that is sent to the candidate, known as adverse action notice. The report must include the rejected candidate’s contact information and the reason for rejection. 


The point is that you must follow all the right steps to mitigate risks and comply with all the regulations. It becomes critical to employ pointers like adverse action and request the candidate’s consent to conduct an effective criminal background check. Furthermore, it is also crucial to ensure that the candidate’s information is correct and any misinformation does not lead to disqualification because they can dispute it. Hence, employ the tips outlined in the article and steer a successful background check to find the right candidate.

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