How excited are you all? Valentine’s day is just around the corner. While the day is fun, the gift picking part is quite hard to crack. Especially if your partner always refuses to ask for any gifts, your struggle is real. 

With some thoughtful gift planning and a quick sneak peek into the products, you will find the pressure slowly sliding away. Several thoughtful and excellent options fit well within your budget. 

And flowers?! There are endless ways you could celebrate the day, and with flowers, you have added more romance. Whatever gift you choose, adding flower bouquets to it makes it more charming. Flowers have their way of expressing love, and pairing it up with your gifts is a brilliant move.

To help you pick the right flower gift, we rounded up this quick list of best Valentine’s day gifts for him or her. 

Flowers and Valentine

Flowers and Valentine share a special bond. There is something about flowers that makes moments more romantic and makes you ‘feel’ the love. Flowers ooze the forever romance and love vibe and are the perfect way to celebrate your Valentine’s day. 

With a tale of their own, flowers are your perfect gift companions. Undoubtedly, the traditional and classic gifting of flowers is the most romantic act even today. At Flower Club, we know what you exactly want. 

Want to win the heart of your loved one with these beautiful and fragrant surprises? We have got you covered. Here is a curated list of flower gifts to choose from. 

Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe is a luxury rose box specially customized for Valentine’s Day. Packed with red roses and related decorations, it is a beautiful symbol of love and romance. 

Price: $130

Premium Red Roses

Rose and red are symbols of love and Valentine’s day. Premium red roses is a box of fresh roses that shine a premium red hue. Anything can go wrong, but not a box of premium red roses. 

Price: $61 – $323

Magic Roses

These beautiful roses that come in a mix of reddish-pink shade are eye-catchy and magical. To ooze romance in your magic love tale, this pretty box of magic roses is the right fit.

Price: $61 – $69

Red Touches

Red touches is a box of red roses. Roses are often related to love, and romance and this box is a brilliant choice for this Valentine’s day.

Price: $69 – $76

Lily & Rose

Lily & Rose is made of pink lilies, red roses, and green foliage. Lily and Rose together represent a combo of perfect love and romantic love. The red wrap and black paper add a stylish and sophisticated touch to the bouquet.

Price: $76

Honey Pie

Our expert designers have put together this beautiful bouquet that looks classy and sweet. Honey pie, named perfectly, is our sweetest Valentine day collection. 

Black with white lined papers and a red bouquet cover is used to wrap. It contains a mix of red and white flowers, with added foliages for beauty. 

Price: $65

Pink & Red

Wrapped in a red bouquet of paper, this brings back the classic pink and red combination. This style never goes out of trend and is the best choice. Baby’s breath adds to the beautiful subtle tone of the bouquet. 

Price: $75


Babe is a perfect gift for your lady love. Packed with bright red roses and babish pink Peony Rose, it has a pleasant look. The bouquet cover also has a pink tone to it. Therefore, the bouquet represents gentleness and will compliment your valentine plan.

Price: $83


Roses, Oh did someone tell love?! Roses are the emblem of love. This bouquet, rightly named love, has red roses and pink lilies. For all those who do not know, red roses and pink lilies are a classic combination for Valentine’s day. They echo poetic love and adorable admiration.

Price: $65

Lily is Love

Lilies make a bold statement and are literally the showstoppers during Valentine’s day. Come to think of it, lilies are also sophisticated and are a stand out gift. 

The bouquet is a mix of hues from red lilies through yellow and soft orange. These represent joy and will surely please your partner. Their breathtaking fragrance makes it an even better choice. 

Price: $69

Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is a sure gift to win over the heart of your special one. The bouquet is a beautiful blend with a mix of roses and common daisies. 

It has white, red and pink roses. Roses are symbols of love. A mix of these roses symbolizes your special relationship, loyalty and gentleness. 

Price: $54

Native Bouquet

With a native touch of Australia, a Native bouquet is the perfect Valentine gift. The aesthetic native style of the flowers is coupled along with a mix of bold and soft colors. 

Pincushions, one of the flowers in the bouquet, are a must in the native arrangement. The everlasting daisy is the perfect addition, as cute as a button. There are also various other native collections in the bouquet that blend beautifully. 

When weaved together as a bouquet, the fantastic rustic blend of different flowers stands out. 

Price: $54.00 – $108.00

What more?

All these flower boxes and bouquets come in attractive colors and at affordable prices. Additionally, there are several positives in making your valentine order with Flower Club. 

  • Roses are delivered fresh and last longer.
  • They offer low-cost delivery around Melbourne.
  • The box and papers used for gift wrapping are fully recyclable.
  • A gift card is included with every delivery.

Gifting Love

Valentine’s day Alert! Get something special for your partner, and there could be no better chance than this to express your feelings. Add to it some beautiful and fragrant flowers and, yes, some chocolates too. 

The flowers could tell all that you have wanted to say. With only a few more days to go, the vibe is high. 

Remember, the gift is essential, but what matters more is your efforts to buy one. And along with the gifts, don’t forget to shower your special one with care and affection. So gear up and share some gifts and more memories this Valentine. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!