Silver Pendant
Silver Pendant

Have you ever tried silver pendant sets? If not, you missed a stunning look of yours by wearing them. People fall in love with silver jewelry and add more silver sets to their collections. Silver is a cooling and soft metal that is good for your body, and it requires soft handling. The demand for Indian jewelry online has arisen daily because of the elegant silver collection. So, here are the 5 Precautions to take care of Silver Pendant Sets:

1. Keep it out of water

It is always best to keep your silver set out of water. In an ordinary shower, it will not cause huge damage to the set, but you need to let them dry for a long time. In case when you are in the mood to jump into your swimming pool, make sure that you remove your silver pendant set. Because the chlorine in the swimming pool water is a harsh chemical for your jewelry. It makes your silver ornament change the quality fast. Similarly, avoid wearing silver jewelry when you get inside the hot tub.

2. Avoid from heat 

Heat is one of the scariest enemies for silver, and you need to keep them out of it. You can notice the color change of silver jewelry for people with high-level body temperature. Some people use silver ornaments to identify the amount of heat and temperature inside their bodies. If your Silver necklace turns around black within a few days, your body heat may be a major reason. Maintain your body heat for maintaining your silver jewelry. When you are planning to sunbathe or spend time at beaches during the daytime, better you remove your silver jewelry. Heats from direct sunlight are not good for your silver items.

3. Store it properly

The following precautions for taking care of your silver pendant sets are storing them properly when you are not wearing them. Purchasing a luxury car is not a big thing when always keeping it out of the car shed. Likewise, if you want your silver jewelry to last for a longer period, you need to pay attention to storing it. Don’t throw the jewelry inside your cupboard without any proper packing. There is a chance for hook breakage or stones may fall apart etc. Have a separate pouch for jewelry and store it inside the cupboard carefully.

4. Be careful with chemical products 

Patience and attention are required to take care of your jewelry. Chemicals react well with silvers, so you have to stay away from them. Here chemical means not only the direct harmful chemical, but there are also some chemicals in the daily products you are using, and it will spoil the look of your silver. For example, using perfumes and lotions with chemicals could also cause your silver jewelry to tarnish. So, apply them and let them dry first and you can wear the silver necklace pendant.         

5. Polish it well 

People often make this mistake with silver jewelry that they will wash and polish when it turns to tarnish. But prevention is always better than a solution, and you can polish your silver jewelry once a month by using some cleaning equipment in your home. Use toothpaste, lemon-lime soda, cleaning detergent, etc., to polish your jewelry. Use soft dry cotton cloth for polishing your silver jewelry. You will attain a polished look like newly bought products when you polish them properly with more care.

Final thoughts: 

Hopefully, now you are clear with the five precautions you need to take to take care of your silver pendant sets. Follow these precautions and extend the lifespan of your jewelry.