For young children, the first step of learning comes in the form of play. Children can learn and develop several skills and even form an interest out of playing with different toys at a young age. Many toys have been developed and created that help with promoting the development of such skills while also helping with the development of the child’s brain and body. One really good example of such toys is building blocks like the ones found in Lego.

Everyone is familiar with Lego and the different creations you can create out of simple Lego bricks. While Lego allows you to create a wide variety of things, they are also extremely helpful and useful for young children as they can help develop their skills and interest through play.

Let’s go over several of the skills that young children can develop and learn from playing with Lego.

  • Lego Introduces the First Steps of Creativity

Perhaps the most prominent skill that Lego is associated with is that it allows you to explore your creative side to the fullest. For young children, their creativity is very limited as they are very limited with what they can use to express themselves. While other options are available that can help promote creativity, Legos are perhaps the best way to introduce the skill to your child.

Legos are very simple toys as they are just blocks that you connect in an attempt to form something out of them. It is because of this simplistic nature that Lego allows your child to explore the first steps of creativity as they aren’t too complex to use and understand.

  • Lego Can Help Develop Problem Solving Skills

Aside from creativity, Lego also promotes the development of a child’s problem-solving skills. You might not guess it from the toy’s simple design but Lego is a simple puzzle that needs to be solved to accomplish something. This comes in the form of instructions or designs that a child has to follow to recreate something. Recreating the final product is essentially Lego’s form of completing the puzzle.

  • Lego Promotes Communication Skills

Another skill that Lego can help develop is communication. When anyone wants something from another person, the easiest way to do that is to tell them that you want it. Lego helps develop this through several ways. 

One such way is through the instructions that come with Lego playsets. The instructions help children understand what they are doing and have to do to follow them. It helps promote reading and listening as they have to read the instructions themselves to understand it and listen to someone explain it if they are confused about what to do next. This interaction is the basic form of communication that is essential for any growing child to develop and learn.

  • Lego Develops One’s Motor Skills

The development of motor skills is probably something you can’t associate with Legos as you would immediately assume activities such as running or walking to help develop them. However, that is not the case as Legos do promote the development of a child’s motor skills as they have to constantly move their hands around to place and adjust blocks.

This is only further developed with the help of the instructions that come in Legos as it helps them to become precise with their work as they have to place blocks in a proper place and order. 

  • Lego Explores Emotional Growth

The last skill that Lego helps in developing is one’s emotional growth. One of the earliest feelings your child can experience while playing with Legos is the feeling of frustration. This comes when they aren’t able to achieve the results they imagine or are following. The next feeling they can get to experience is the feeling of overcoming that frustration with persistence as they try to fix the problem they are trying to face. Finally, when they finished building something, they get to experience and learn the joy of having completed something you worked hard on. These scenarios allow your child to explore their feelings and learn more about themselves as well as how to go about them positively.