Cantilever Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas are primarily used as shade solutions for outdoor locations. However, when you have plans to spend the entire day under the open sky, then protecting yourself from sun damage becomes a hands-on job. The sun changes its position through the day, and subsequently, you also need to change your custom umbrella set-up accordingly to keep yourself shaded. 

With a centre-pole umbrella, this process becomes too cumbersome as you need to move the whole device every time. Even if you have a centre-pole umbrella with a tilt mechanism, you will have to move the device from time to time. 

On the other hand, cantilever umbrellas are more functional in protecting you from the sun. The design and features of cantilever umbrellas offer maximum coverage from sun, as compared to other types of custom umbrellas.

To give you a better picture about the same, we have devised a list of all 6 features that make cantilever umbrellas best for protection from sun throughout the day.

6 Features of Custom Umbrellas That Help Provide Maximum Coverage

Although, all types of custom umbrellas are great products that can be used as shade solutions, cantilever umbrellas are a notch higher in terms of features and design. Cantilever umbrellas are generally considered to be more stylish than other umbrella designs. They are also often more expensive as compared to centre-pole umbrella. However, they are totally worth the price. 

How? Well these 6 features offered by cantilever umbrellas will make up your mind too, that these umbrellas are definitely worth having in your backyard or for your business.

  1. Off-Set Pole

Unlike centre-pole umbrellas, which is designed with a pole which attaches to the centre of the umbrella canopy, the cantilever umbrellas possess an off-set pole. The Cambridge dictionary defines the term cantilever as “a long bar that is fixed at only one end to a vertical support and is used to hold a structure such as an arch, bridge, or shelf in position.” This definition also coincides well with the design of cantilever umbrellas. 

Off-set or cantilever umbrellas consist of a heavy-duty vertical pole on the side of the structure, and the umbrella canopy is suspended in the air through a connecting arched pole. As a result of this design, the umbrella offers an unobstructed and open shaded area from the sun. 

  1. Larger Canopy Size

As a result of its unique off-set design, the cantilever umbrellas are also capable of handling much more canopy weight as compared to other types of custom umbrellas. Thus, if you are looking for a larger shaded area on the patio deck or the roof-top dining area of your restaurant or even the pool, a cantilever patio umbrella would be a great choice for all such purposes. 

  1. Tilting Mechanism

Cantilever umbrellas are also designed with in-built tilting mechanism. They can tilt both from side to side or towards the mast. In fact, some models of cantilever umbrellas can be titled to an almost full vertical position. This makes it very easy to adjust the umbrella, as and when the sun shifts its position. 

  1. Rotational Mechanism

The tilting mechanism is not the only thing that helps provide more coverage. The umbrella canopies in cantilever umbrellas are also built with rotational mechanism. Some cantilever umbrella canopies can rotate 360 degrees around the mast. When combined, the tilting and rotational mechanism make this umbrella truly amazing at providing protection from sun all day long.  

  1. Easy Operations

The best cantilever umbrellas are heavy in weight and therefore, they are also designed with a crank lift operating mechanism. This makes it very easy to open and use your canopy. It is also beneficial in quickly packing the structure if the weather turns too harsh. 

  1. Mobility

Commercial-grade cantilever umbrellas are made with heavy weight materials and also require heavy-duty bases which fits over the cross bar base for stability. Despite the heavy weight of cantilever umbrellas, they can also be designed for temporary use and more mobility. Some models have wheels attached to the base that helps with movability across flat surfaces. Thus, like other patio umbrellas, with cantilever umbrellas as well, you can get either a permanent mounted structure or a temporary mobile one. The choice is yours!


If you live in a part of Australia that gets a lot of sunshine throughout the year, cantilever umbrellas will be the perfect choice for you. Apart from sheltering us from sun, cantilever umbrellas are equally good at protecting us from rain and also offer good wind resistance. However, we always advise our readers to pack up their custom umbrellas and store them safely during stormy rains or when wind is too high. 

Finally, as a last recommendation to our readers, we also urge you to opt for branded cantilever umbrellas when making a purchase. Premium brands in Australia offer better products and even more better post-delivery services. Moreover, they are better acquainted with the requirements which are specific to Australian weather and can help assist you in making the right choice. Do look for online umbrella brands, which have a strong customer support service. Make sure you call them before making a final purchase.

So without any more delay, we wish you good bye and good luck with your shopping! See you later, mate!