If you love entertaining, you’ll know that a great night is more than fantastic company, delicious food, and fine wines. Decor and ambiance can turn an ordinary evening into a memorable one.

Before designing a dining room, it’s worth knowing the little tips and tricks to get the room perfect. Here are eight essential recommendations for creating the best dining space.

1. Design a Floral Arrangement

A stunning floral arrangement makes for the perfect focal point in a dining room. For a touch of glamor, try a tall vase filled with white hydrangeas. If you want a simple spring look, multiple small vases of tulips look beautiful.

Dried flower arrangements work too. They are a great option if you are going for the more neutral Scandinavian look and want sandy, soft colors and textures in your floral centerpiece.

2. Add Something Unexpected

What better way to break the ice at a dinner party than an unusual wall hanging or exceptional piece of art that will get people talking?

Be brave with your dining room ideas, and you’ll achieve a look that goes beyond the boring. Your guests will remember the strange wall feature, even if your cooking wasn’t up to scratch!

3. Keep the Function Simple

If you have a good-sized home dining room, it might be tempting to use part of the space for other things, like living or working areas.

However, unless you desperately need a multi-function room, keep it minimal, with space for dining and little else. The interior design impact will be more significant.

4. Try a Feature Wall

To brighten up a neutral dining space, add a bright or patterned feature wall. You could choose a contrasting color or go for a beautiful wallpaper design instead. With a bold approach, you will create a stunning design feature.

5. Invest in Fabulous Lighting

When your guests are sitting at the dining table, one feature they are sure to notice is the lighting.

Good lighting needs to be practical and impressive. Invest in a design that fits the shape of the table. If you have a long table, go for a long multi-light design. If you have a round table, try a chandelier.

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Ensure the lighting is bright enough for dining but not so bright to cause glare for your guests.

6. Make Cleaning Easy

A breathtaking dining design is admirable, but it’s only worthwhile if you keep the interior that way. To do that, you need to be a little bit practical with your design choices.

Choose acrylic chairs and wooden or tiled floors that are easy to wipe clean. Even the most well-behaved dining guests will create the occasional spillage.

7. Don’t Forget Storage!

You don’t want to be walking back and forth from the kitchen with multiple serving dishes and cutlery. Instead, consider having some stylish storage at the edge of the dining room.

8. Choose the Perfect Color Palette

When decorating a dining room, the best way to find a color design that works is to create a three to four color palette. Decide on this in advance, and make sure your purchases reflect one of these three colors.

Designing a Dining Room to Impress Your Guests

Once you know a few simple decorating rules, designing a dining room that you can be proud of is easy. Follow these eight tips and turn your eating space into the envy of your guests.

Don’t forget to search for the perfect accessories to finish your dining room in style, and you can start that now by checking out our latest product reviews.