Cybersport is a modern direction that has actively taken root in our lives, and in a variety of segments, from sports betting to a promising direction for children. But some parents are not serious about such an activity for children and in vain.

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Benefits of eSports

For children and their parents, there are at least three obvious advantages of playing eSports:

  • The opportunity to earn big money from an early age. Top esports tournaments offer big prizes to the winners, so if you train regularly, one day this activity can bring good profit. In addition to the game itself, there is an opportunity to earn money on blogging, streaming, commenting, partnership, etc.
  • The development of thought and mental processes. No matter how parents claim that the computer is evil and children obviously don’t get smarter from games, scientists prove the opposite. From the game, not only attention improves, but also intelligence grows, and analytical thinking develops. Even if you don’t get big prizes in the tournament, in any case, regular training will be beneficial. It is only important to carefully monitor the diet and not violate it.
  • It is also worth noting that eSports competitions are only at the beginning of their development, because now symbioses with augmented or virtual reality are already appearing. And in the future, this promising direction will be able to provide several more aspects in which the child will be able to realize himself and earn income.

Important! If you approach the process responsibly and invest in the training processes of the child, this can really be a profitable investment with a huge payback.

Prospects for the future

Despite the fact that esports is recognized as an official sport almost all over the world, at the moment there are no hints about the prospects for including these competitions in the Olympic program. Among the most popular esports disciplines in which competitions are currently held are the following:

  • CS:GO;
  • Dota 2;
  • hearthstone;
  • Overwatch;
  • League of Legends;
  • FIFA;
  • Starcraft 2;
  • PUBG.

Some of them raise a bank in the amount of several tens of millions of dollars, so even without Olympic gold, you can feel financially independent. Moreover, this can be done not only thanks to grueling workouts at the monitor, but thanks to the right bet made in an online bookmaker. Now almost every bookmaker offers this popular sport as a bet.

If we talk about the salaries of players, then depending on the level, he can receive from several thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars. There are players on the market whose salary can exceed $20,000 monthly. At the same time, there is always a chance that a good player can be lured to another club, although today a full-fledged transfer market is already beginning to form, when esports players are outbid. In CS:GO today, top players can be valued up to half a million dollars.