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Top 4 Casino Games for Strategy Enthusiasts 

Anyone who gets a thrill out of using their skills of strategy and cunning when playing games will find that the world that casinos provide the ideal playground to put their accumulated strategic plans to the test. 

While having lady luck on your side remains a large part when playing most casino games, there are some casino games that provide players with the chance to strategically improve their odds of winning such as deciding how to use your free spins wisely. 

To discover which casino games offer the best chances of winning if you put your wits into it, and blend your skill and luck, then look no further. These are the best strategy games to try your hand at. 

  • Blackjack

To most people, Blackjack is one of the first games thought about when it comes to considering which casino games require some kind of strategy as opposed to just plain luck. Since players in the game of blackjack compete directly against the dealer, with the hope of having their hand be the one closest to 21, there’s a good deal that can be preempted. Combine this with plenty of strategy honing, and many players believe that they can often eliminate the element of luck.

How to do this:

  • While frowned upon by casinos, card counting can be learnt and there are plenty of true stories abounding of players who were able to successfully employ card counting techniques in order to gain an advantage against the casino. By keeping track of which cards have already been dealt, players can adjust their bets and decisions to improve their chances.
  • Another way to be more strategic in the game is to follow the basic blackjack strategy that suggests the best possible action for every possible hand and dealer upcard combination. By following this strategy exactly it is believed that players can minimizes the house edge to 0.5% and it is comforting to many players that they are able to make informed decisions.
  • If bankroll isn’t an issue, then skilled players are able to use strategy to adjust their bet sizes based purely on their assessment of the current game being played. This can help minimize losses and maximize wins. 
  • Poker

The second most commonly thought of strategy game in the casino is poker. It is one of the most famous and diverse casino card games on offer thanks to numerous variants of the game being available to play, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven-Card Stud. Each of these has similar rules but the game play differs which makes it a great blank canvas for strategic players. Some of the benefits of playing poker for strategists include:  

  • The fact that poker is widely recognized as not only a game of luck but a game that requires numerous skills to be used at the same time. The most successful poker players have shown that they have mastered a combination of strategic decision-making, mathematical calculations, and psychology to beat their opponents.
  • Another reason poker is an ideal game for strategy enthusiasts is due to the psychological components of the game. The ability to bluff well and to read your opponents are integral to the game. This allows strategic players to gain an edge thanks to a deep understanding of innate human behavior.
  • Roulette 

Commonly known as the wheel of fortune, roulette is another popular casino game that, despite its appearance, also employs several forms of strategy which could help tip the outcome of the game. To win when playing online at sites like Grand Rush casino or at a land-based casino, players bet on the outcome of a spinning wheel that is numbered and features black and red colored pockets. To employ your strategic chances in the right way you should consider:

  • Adding in a betting strategy. Despite the fact most people think of roulette as a game of chance, players can try out various popular betting strategies, such as the Martingale or Fibonacci system, to help manage their bets and potentially improve their odds.
  • Choose European roulette when possible. When picking your game of roulette to play, bear in mind that strategically European roulette offers better odds for players, thanks to the absence of the double-zero pocket which is found only in American roulette. This can definitely help improve your overall odds.
  • Managing your bets. With the ability to manage your bankroll effectively, players are then able to place strategic bets such as even-money bets to straight-up bets on individual numbers. By deciding early on what your limits are you’ll be able to place bets that perfectly align with your risk tolerance and overall betting strategy rather than betting emotionally.
  • Baccarat 

The game of Baccarat is well-known and popular card game that is straightforward to learn. The aim of the game is to have players bet on the outcome of two hands, the Player and the Banker and decide which will win the round, or if they’ll result in a Tie. The goal of the game is to predict which hand will have a total value closest to 9. It’s a great option for strategists because:

  • You can hone your betting strategy as you play. Since the game doesn’t have any need for extensive decision-making or card counting during gameplay, players can opt to strategize their bets by choosing early on if they’ll bet on the Banker, Player, or a Tie. Most strategists often choose the Banker bet since it is known for its low house edge. However, some opt to bet on the Player as this comes up nearly as often in hands. Keep in mind that a Tie bet is rare to come up and has a high house edge. 

When it comes to those who have an innate understanding and love for blending skill and luck, the world of casino gaming will perfectly cater to this. Whether you enjoy classics like blackjack, enjoy the thrill of games of chance like Roulette or seek to improve your ability to practice psychology tricks in poker, there’s something to pique your interest.