Install ponytail hair extension with these simple steps 

It’s remarkable how far ladies will go just to appear attractive. They’d go to any length to get there. Whether it’s for a casual or formal occasion, a woman’s ability to create great-looking locks appears to have no bounds.

Ponytails are one of the most unique and versatile hairstyles ever devised. You can experiment with them to come up with a distinctive style. They’re a wonderful match for your professional outfit or any other outfit, whether they are formal or casual.

Not having the appropriate length or volume to achieve a desirable hairstyle, much alone a ponytail, is one of the most common beauty challenges that women face on a daily basis. These no longer have to be a source of concern, thanks to ponytail extensions.

Here is an easy and simplified way of attaching ponytail hair extensions to your hair, so you can flaunt different styles with them and a few things that will compel you to purchase ponytail extensions. 

Step One: Tie Your Hair Into A Ponytail 

Begin by tying your hair into a ponytail wherever you like; however, a higher ponytail is preferable for a more stable ponytail.

Check that the elastic you are using to hold your hair in a ponytail is strong and securely wrapped around your head.

It needs to keep in place and support the ponytail extension.

Tip: Leave a few strands out to achieve a face-framing result. 

Step Two: Grab Your Ponytail Extension 

Detangle and smoothen out your ponytail extension. Once that’s done, place the extension over the ponytail and push the bobby pin firmly under the ponytail that you just created. 

Step Three: Secure The Extension  

After securing the extension on your ponytail, hold the extension with one hand and use the other to firmly wrap the Velcro strap around the base of your ponytail. 

Twist the hairpiece around and secure it with a bobby pin or two. The hairpiece will provide a natural and seamless result. 

If you are using a drawstring extension, secure the comb to the base of your ponytail and tighten it using the strings. 

Step Four: Comb The Extension And Style Away

Use a paddle brush to comb the extension, but avoid combing if you wear a curly ponytail extension

Use a heat styling tool to achieve the desired style and slay any look you want. 

Benefits Of Ponytail Extensions

Five amazing benefits of ponytail extensions that will make you purchse them 

Although ponytail hairstyles are easy to achieve, they become a challenge if you have short, thin, or fine hair. There is an option to use other hair extensions to attain a beautiful ponytail, but you won’t be able to enjoy the look without worrying about the extensions slipping out. 

Ponytail hair extensions make life easier because they are easy to install and remove. 

Here are a few benefits that will compel you to purchase them. 

Reason #1: Comfortable To Wear

Ponytail hair extensions are really comfortable to wear than other extensions because they are designed specifically for ponytail hairstyles. 

Whether you wear them for a few hours for the entire day, you will experience very minimal discomfort. 

Reason #2: Ponytail Extensions Are Affordable 

Let’s be real, it takes a lot of time and effort to grow your hair in length and thickness, and some can’t grow out their hair because of medical and genetic reasons. 

So, instead of spending your money on extraneous items to make your hair grow faster, you can simply get ponytail extensions. You will be able to get the length, color, and texture you want right away without breaking the bank!

Reason #3: They Help You Get Ready Quickly

Every woman has had those days when they are too tired to wash their hair, too exhausted to sit and style their hair, which is totally relatable. 

However, when there’s an upcoming plan, women still want to look their best. This is where ponytail extensions come in. 

Depending on how you style your hair, dry shampoo, a ponytail hair extension, and a styling spray will help you get ready in no time. 

You can just turn your strands into a beautiful casket with ponytail extensions!

Reason #4: Fuller And Bouncier Result

As stated earlier, some women are not fortunate when it comes to naturally thick and lustrous hair. Even if you have short hair or have lately experienced dry or brittle mane, ponytail extensions can help you attain a longer and livelier ponytail.

They provide an immediate fix and rapidly resolve your issue. You acquire the thicker ponytails you have always wanted by simply attaching them to your natural hair. 

Reason #5 Provides A Ton Of Hairstyles 

Ponytail extensions provide a ton of styling possibilities because you have thicker and longer hair at your disposal. Gone are those days of ill-fitted braided ponytail hairstyles and deflated ponytails and buns. 

These extensions allow you to try multiple hairstyles, and you will be able to pull off any style you want, whether it is a braided ponytail, bubble ponytail, high ponytail, or a fabulous voluminous bun. 

Amazing Ponytail Extensions For Black Hair 

Here are a few ponytail extensions that are perfect for black hair. 

Remix Coil Curl Ponytail Extension 

Remix Coil Curl Ponytail Extension 

Remix Coil Curly Ponytail Extension is made from Indian virgin hair, and the extension is machine drawn. 

It is an excellent curly ponytail extension with the right amount of curly pattern, thickness, and shine. 

The installation process is simple and provides a natural look. 

Remix Organic Curl Ponytail Hair Extension 

Organic Coil Curl Ponytail Extension 

The cuticles are aligned in Remix Organic Curl Ponytail Extension and come in a natural 1B tone, making blending easy and seamless. 

This extension possesses the perfect combination of tight corkscrew curls and low luster. 

You get to choose from two distinctive lengths, i.e., 12 and 22 inches, and the drawstrings make it easier to install. 

Achieve a fuller and voluminous ponytail without putting strain on your natural hair with Remix Organic Curl Ponytail Extension. 

Remix Wavy Ponytail Extension 

Beautiful Wavy Ponytail Extension 

Remix Wavy Ponytail is a great choice for women who want subtle oomph to their ponytail hairstyle with all the cuticles aligned and soft wavy texture. 

The extension has a high luster and provides a sleek, smooth, and glossy result. Color treatment is not recommended for this ponytail hair extension because it has been dyed to a natural stone, but who needs to dye it when they look fabulous as it is!

Remix Blow-Out Ponytail Extension

Remix Blow-Out Extension for a fuller look

The Remix Blow-Out Ponytail Extension is another product that is easy to install and ready to wear. This extension has a pre-attached clip that provides additional grip along with drawstrings. 

Made with virgin hair, it is a low-maintenance product that offers a blown-out effect. The extension contains a straight and textured pattern that resembles natural black hair with low luster. 

Ponytails are versatile hairstyles that can be worn with any clothing and for any occasion. It can be difficult to flaunt ponytail hairstyles if your hair isn’t long or thick enough.

But as stated in the beginning, ponytail hairstyle are the greatest way to flaunt any ponytail hairstyle for every occasion. 

Now you know how to attach ponytail extensions the easy way, get your hands on premium virgin extensions and elevate your look with ease.