Technology has revolutionized the digital world over the past two decades. It has changed the living standard of people in the present time and moves toward the newly launched devices and medium of connection by the people in the society and world. The new launch devices have great innovation for people. Everyone wants to take benefits from the use of new technology and develop the digital world. The technology includes the laptop, smartphones, computer, tablets, and ipads. Use of the digital devices and the internet or social media increase with time has become an essential need of time. Every third person is using digital devices and the internet for the fulfillment of their part in society.

As we know the usage of smartphones and social media has become an essential need of our lives and we believe it’s an important part. But you know the kids are more like to use the new devices and latest technology.

The main concern is the usage of technology by the kids and the smart devices by kids has increased in the current era. The excessive usage of digital devices has diverted the kid’s attention and leads them toward pornography, sexting, and faces cyber stalkers.

Do you know the digital world is harmful to kids?

Digital technology has changed the childhood of adolescence. It moves the meaning of living in the world. The digital devices internet and social media is the huge platform for all of us but the usage is different by everyone around us. The kids are much like to use the internet and social media. But the more use means the more worries for parents because kids don’t know the opposite side and how the digital media can destroy them.

Kids are mostly involved in pornography, explore adult content, sexting and face online predators by the use of the latest devices and the internet.

The dangerous effects of the digital world

Here we tell you the serious effects of using digital devices and new launch technology.

Technology affects the sleep routine

Digital devices directly impact the sleep routine because most kids stay too late into chatting with friends and scroll the social media. It’s hard to put the devices and sleep on time. Kids don’t realize the side effects of late-night using the internet and cell phone. How they impact their routine and divert the attention.

The use of digital devices leaves the feeling of isolation

The more attachment to the smart devices leaves the feeling of isolation. Less attachment with the human can lead the depression and other mental issues. The online feeling disconnect with the peoples.

Technology leads the bad health

The excessive use of new technology and the latest devices can lead to some health issues when we spend most of our time with cell phones and digital can be the reason for back or neck pain, eyesight problems, or sometimes serious mental issues.

The use of digital devices separates the kids from family

As we know the smart devices and the innovation of digital devices are lead to separate feelings and create distance between the parents and family. The more rely on the devices are the more involved and create the distance. If technology has some benefits also has some negative influences on our lives.

How can overcome the harmful effects of the digital world

The emergence of new technology and digital devices is leading to some serious troubles for kids because the kids are not mature they want to spend almost all of the time with the digital smart device for their entertainment and fun.

But the basic concern is for parents to avoid any negative effects of the digital world the monitoring application can help them to protect their children.

Use TheOneSpy monitoring application

TheOneSpy android spy software is the latest technique that is compatible with the digital world and allows tracking all smart devices secretly. It is used for the protection of kids and saves them any harmful effects. It is also called the parental control application.

Feature of monitoring the kid’s digital devices

Call recording

Through this software, parents can easily spy on android device to the upcoming and outgoing calls from their kid’s cell phone and they know who the talk is and what about the talking.


The help of theOneSpy allows parents to track the mobile phone and can catch screenshots of their kid’s mobile.

Access browsing detail

This software is compatible with digital devices and allows tracking the device browsing history and also the delete history of the cell phone.

To monitor Social media accounts

It allows knowing the all social media activities of the targeted device like Kik, Facebook, Snapchat, telegram, Instagram, Line. Parents monitor the children’s social messaging applications and save them from online harassment.


TheOneSpy is the best monitoring and tracking software to protect the kids from the harmful effects of the digital world.


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