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Buying a boat is a big investment, so be sure to read up. We advise you on what you should think about before fulfilling the dream of a life on the lake. Whether you plan to buy a new or used boat, take your time. Do thorough research and think about best payout casino which boat suits you and your financial conditions. Here are some good tips along the way.

Find the right model

The first step to a good boat deal is to define what the boat will be used for. Are you looking for the perfect model for the fishing trip or will the boat be primarily used as a means of transport? Should there be room for the whole family to stay overnight or do you want a smaller boat that is easy to add to? Also examine things such as model, material and engine as well as the condition of the boat. With good knowledge, you reduce the risk of financial traps and hopefully find your dream boat in the bargain.

Review all costs

A boat purchase is a big investment, so be sure to keep track of all costs. In addition to the purchase of the boat itself, you will have to pay for, for example, a boat berth, winter storage, collection and launching. Also keep in mind that fuel and maintenance can gobble up large sums over the course of a year. Calculate how much the boat will cost you per year and feel free to set aside an extra buffer for unforeseen expenses. Maybe you need to save a certain amount every month to be able to afford to use the boat as you want during the summer months.

If you need to borrow money for all or part of the boat purchase, you get a 0.5 percent lower interest rate if you apply for a loan directly from collector bank. You pay no set-up fee and no airmail fee if you use e-invoice or direct debit. You can borrow and simply apply online.

Make the boat purchase a safe deal

There are different types of boat insurance, but the variant you choose must include liability protection and legal protection. With liability protection, you get help if you should be required to pay damages for having caused personal injury or damage to another boat. Legal protection is needed if you end up in a dispute, for example against the seller of the boat or a boat yard. It can also be good to know that you must meet certain due diligence requirements in order to receive compensation for damage and theft. In addition, special rules apply if you rent out your boat or participate in competitions with it.

In addition to insuring your boat, it is important to check here that the boat is marked, which guarantees that the boat meets the basic requirements for health, safety, function and the environment. You can read more about marking at the transport agency. If you are buying a used boat, always ask for proof of ownership and a receipt. It is you as the buyer who is responsible for checking that the boat is not stolen. Also make sure that the boat works as it should and that you have access to the service book and other current documents.