Traveling in winter can be a great way to see the world. It’s a time of year when many travel costs are lower because of decreased demand, but winter travel does offer a challenge if you have a baby. Cold temperatures and higher rates of respiratory illness during this time of year mean parents need to plan carefully. From a baby medicine bundle to the right clothes, here are the things to pack for babies this season.

Essential Baby Medicine

Few things are as important as your baby’s health, so you will want to keep the right medicines on hand for whatever may come up. Gripe water is a natural way to soothe upset stomachs for your little ones without harsh medicines. Keep a bit of baby tooth oil on hand for teething pains as well.

If your baby catches a little bug while you are traveling, it pays to have medications at the ready. A baby coughing at night is stressful for the entire family. Get clean cough medicines formulated for infants to ease the symptoms as their immune systems kick in and fight whatever’s got them down.

Essential Baby Vitamins

Speaking of your baby’s immune system, you’ll want to support it even as you explore the world. For newborns and younger babies, make vitamin D drops a part of their routine. This nutrient supports healthy bone growth and development which are critical for a solid immune system.

Probiotic drops are also good for babies. This supplement supports healthy digestion and bolsters the immune system while organic immune support supplements are packed with vitamins A, C, E and zinc. These all come in easy-to-give drops or syrups, so you don’t have to wonder if your baby is getting the nutrition they need.

Essential Baby Accessories

As you keep your baby healthy on the inside, protect them from the outside as well. Traveling means going into new climates and during the winter that can mean confronting harsh weather conditions. If conditions call for it, pack a snowsuit for the baby to block out snow and wind. Warm socks are also must-haves for your baby’s travel list.

Infants can have trouble regulating their body temperatures, so consider clothing items that can be layered. This allows you to add and remove clothing as needed. Don’t forget about your gear. A travel-friendly stroller will make it easier to get around. You may also want a pack ‘n play unit or a collapsable bassinet so the baby has a comfortable place to sleep even if your accommodations aren’t child friendly.

Hit the Road With Your Baby This Winter

Exploring the world is a wonderful experience and it can be an even more fulfilling one when you include your children. You get to see new places through their eyes and teach them about different people and cultures. Traveling with a baby can create some concerns, but with the right planning and the organic baby bundle to keep them healthy and happy, you don’t have to limit your travel plans.